"Gamer girls" bare it all for you!

WARNING: The following link to the Totally Nerdcore website contains content that is meant for those over the age of 18

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calderra4486d ago

Vote lame, please. That's all I gotta say.

TR0N4486d ago (Edited 4486d ago )

it doesnt bother me im just the messenger. just know that if you voted lame but yet you clicked the link of the website to view the girls then you are just a hypocrite. Jeez! , I never heard of a guy complain about naked hot chicks unless he was [email protected] oh wait I take that back, cause even a [email protected] guy wouldnt complain.

uxo224486d ago (Edited 4486d ago )

No need for men to exploit women anymore, they seem to be doing just fine all by themselves.

I ain't saying she's a gold digger but she........


Vote lame? No thanks ilove naked hot chicks.