Five Game Characters Who Suck at Their Jobs

In general, videogame protagonists need a set context for their lives before being thrust into action and adventure. Mario can't just be a dude with a goomba-stomping fetish; he has to be a plumber. Marcus Fenix can't just be some chainsaw-wielding jerk; he needs to be an ex-soldier. For better or for worse, most game characters need some sort of backstory, often encapsulated in the character's profession.

But what about the characters whose professions have almost no impact on the way they act once in the actual game? What about those heroes and heroines who claim to do one thing as a source of their income, but actually do another? What about this videogame characters who suck at their jobs?

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Joey Gladstone3978d ago

Partly due to the fact that they never actually seem to be able to finally "Rid" their world of 'Evil" .....only delay it until the next game in their series comes out.......I mean honestly how many time does Mario have to kick Bowsers AS$ before he actually defeats him??...
....."The JOEY has Spoken"

CRIMS0N_W0LF3978d ago

First "Mario" was featured in Donkey Kong. His name was Jumper and actually a MECHANIC not a plumber

aftrdark213978d ago

that most of 3/5 of these heroes are Nintendo characters? I wonder if that's on purpose?

Spike473978d ago (Edited 3978d ago )

do u have to bring samus into this?

Reibooi3978d ago

When I saw the title and the picture of Samus I was almost immediately reminded of the little skit from Decline 3 where she losses all her power ups.