Same GTA IV version worldwide, UNCUT, everywhere

It started yesterday with the rating of the USK in Germany.
GTA IV has been rated as 18+. After that, alot of gameshops and magazines from germany, austria and switzerland contacted Take2 to ask if the game will be uncut in germany.

The reason is, since GTA 3, every GTA has been released as a cut version in germany.
The last two, Vice City and San Andreas got the 16+ rating. So the currently 18+ rating for GTA IV let alot of people guess it could be uncut now.

Anyway, Take2 confirmed it will be uncut in germany. But not only that, they also said, the game will be released as the same version worldwide.

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You bought an Xbox3888d ago

Will still be the worst version
Just cause its on the Kakbox

Xbots Suck

rawd3888d ago

I just cancelled my Bestbuy Canada pre-order. They will only ship it, no pickup option and it will be a day later or possibly 2, after the release. What the hell is that, you just lost my business BB

Diabloz3888d ago

Agreed... xbox (9gb disk) ruined the game.

niall773888d ago

now young people worldwide will be stealing cars, killing huckers and taking drugs all because of this game
and not because people have been Killing, stealing and getting high of stuff since ... forever

meepmoopmeep3888d ago

yeah, like changing the number on it will stop kids from playing it.

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