PS3 vs. Xbox 360 ports: The cold, hard truth - GamePro feature

GamePro examines four recent multi-platform titles to determine which console has the better games -- PS3 or Xbox 360. What they discovered challenges the common wisdom that "Xbox 360 is better."

Mr_Kuwabara5934d ago (Edited 5934d ago )

I was about to submit this but someone got in the bloody way!


It's good to see that now it's impossible to make a duplicate story using the same link/story altogether since once you put the link source, you're blocked from the person who beat you to it.

Anyway nice article..

blacsheep5934d ago

waiting for fanboy warfare on this article

Tempist5934d ago

Eh, I didn't like it. Found it bled too much testosterone for me. But hey, good try and good method.

Maddens Raiders5934d ago (Edited 5934d ago )

Herr Kuwabara. [When you try to submit the same story and someone beat you to it with the same link it will let you know who it is]

The concrete conclusion that I took from this article is not that PlayStation is an excellent brand or has great ports coming out for it, but that the PS3 is affecting hearts and minds.

We should bomb our enemies with crates of PS3's (with LBP pre-loaded) and see what happens. It's just an idea. 8D

sonarus5934d ago

uh oh.
I have been saying it for quite a while if its not a fps or a racer ps3 controller feels better. I own both and i have played both extensively. 360 controller for me is a complete fiasco when it comes to fighting games. Tried playing MK3 on it and it was just terrible. How the hell do you want me to perform cool moves and fatalities on a joystick and the damn dpad seems to have webbed feet or something?

kevoncox5934d ago

It's also better for sports games and action games...
Basically Sony's stick is only better for fighters and puzzle games.

marinelife95934d ago

Either make the PS3 the lead and port over to 360 or have two separate teams dedicated to each console like Infinity Ward did with COD4.

Developers have already discovered that it doesn't work well when you make the 360 version first and then try to port.

cmrbe5934d ago

The x360 controller is made for FPS but not for fighting or 3rd person games. However the PS3 controller still is good to play FPS. I have no problem using the analog sticks for aiming in Resistance. When i played virtual fighter on x360. Trying to do combos is a pain in the ass with the positioning of the buttons. Its hard to use the index and middle finger on button pads for x360.

sonarus5934d ago (Edited 5934d ago )

I disagree on the sports an action. I think ps3 controller edges out here as well especially on the sports.I have madden 08 on 360 and ps3(bought 360 version got ps3 version from a friend) and i can tell you it really only boils down to preference. The only advantage would be in the R2 being easier for running. On the other hand performing truck moves on the 360 controller where you have to push the right bumper and right stick is quite uncomfortable. A lot more comfortable using R1 and right stick.

I am being very objective in saying this you have to admit the bumbers arent as comfortable as R1&R2 and triggers are more comfortable than R2&L2. All that rubbish about 360 controls being tighter is rubbish to me especially when i play both versions of games cus i don't notice any difference. I still get the same kills as quickly as i would using both controlers. In fps where you have to use sniper maybe but thats when you need to be extremely precise. Other rubbish is 360 controller is heavier i never knew controller weight had any effect on gameplay. I own a dualshock 3 and i gave it to my friend to play nba 2k8 with and he couldnt stop complaining about how heavy it was and i'm like wtf. Everyone has preference.

I give 360 controller advantage on games where you are mostly pushing triggers e.g. racers and shooters. Games where you need more than triggers ps3 controller usually comes untop for me

hades075934d ago

I have to say I am amazed and impressed with the people commenting here today. Usually a biased article like this would have a war started by now, but other than a couple of people like power of green it seems quite civil.

It's nice to see people just expressing there opinions and not shoving it down someone else's throat, like I prefer peer to peer networking because in a couple of years if I want to play a game I don't have to worry about dedicated servers, just if people still want to play.

LJWooly5934d ago

Yeah, while seperating the comments into zones hasn't really solved the fanboyism problem, it has sort of motivated a few people to try and police themselves a wee bit.

Great job, N4G :)

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skynidas5934d ago

WOW i'm surprised that ps3 won

THWIP5934d ago

...considering the writer's comments didn't WARRANT a PS3 win. Completely bogus article, and a waste of time. This guy basically says there's little to no differences between the games he highlights, then finishes with "PlayStation 3 beats the Xbox 360 handily". He tries his best to hide it, but it's obvious he's a biased Sony fanboy.

deeznuts5934d ago

He's trying to correct the imbalance created many moons ago by Gamespot when they compared games from a 3 day old console to one released a year ago.


Monchichi0255934d ago

GAME PRO said the PS3 was better!!! What a SOCKER!!! LOL (Sense the Sarcasim!) C'mon now, we all know Game Pro is in Bed with Sony and has always and will always be biased towards Sony. Article is useless.

skitzoid5934d ago (Edited 5934d ago )

Awe buck up buckaroo. Wipe those tears away and turn that frown upside down.

Some people put way to much weight on reviewers and their opinions. Whenever the opinion differs from your own they are bias. It's just "their" opinion. Why do you let it bother you so?

power of Green 5934d ago

The issue has never been about how easy the 360 can run PS3 ports, the Multi platform issue has to do with the PS3 having trouble with 360 ports.

This guy's PS3 prefference has nothing to do with the issue nor does it have to do with many other games.

Button mapping and DualShock prefference has nothing to do with the Multi platform problem, dedicated servers has nothing to do with Texture issues or frame rate problems.

COD4 was developed for each platform from the ground up for the most part, the others had PS3 in mind" we already know the 360 can handle PS3 ports easily the issue is the PS3 handling 360 ports etc.

DualShock doesn't solve theses issues, finding a few games doesn't get rid of the issue.

moparful995934d ago

Power of Green you are like a cancer on this site. Im tired of reading your anti ps3 commenting. Instead of participating in healthy debate you seek out ps3 related articles and then proceed to denounce it as much as you can. You speak as though the 360 is the god of gaming and ignore the negatives. EVERY console has negatives, there never has nor there probably never will be a perfect console considering the differing tastes of the consumers and the type things we ask our consoles to do. I could go on all day about the qaulity of the 360 or the shovelware that gets released but for what? There is no point because you have your mind made up and arent open minded to others opinions. I really wish you wouldn't come in here with your overflowing testosterone and biased opinions...

Smudge26265934d ago

I had the same problem with the article that you mentioned. In almost every category he mentioned, it was a close call between the systems or one had a single feature that was better. Concluding the article by saying that the PS3 "won handily" is completely incongruous with the points he made. I thought the conclusion seemed a little biased, but it doesn't mean with completely certainty that he is a Sony fanboy, just that he needs to write a better article that supports his conclusion.

Scrooge5934d ago

3 out of 4 of those games have the best version on PC. PC FTW!

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DiabloRising5934d ago

Anyone else sick of the media fueling the whole console war/fanboy BS?

rawd5934d ago

It's getting very old.