Nimblest-Assassin3770d ago

Well... the story sounds awesome

Kratos being hunted down for breaking his blood oath, and is slowly going insane

aCasualGamer3769d ago

All i have to say is: GOD DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN!

Santa Monica and Sony keep producing AAA titles til the end of PS3 cycle! DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN it feels good to know Sony still cater to us hardcore fans.

Beautiful dedication and passion for gaming!

You can say whatever you want but that, ladies and gentleman, deserves some mighty fine respect.

Dylila3769d ago

this game is a technological marvel and through its realistic graphics, sound, animations, physics,lighting,and dialog between the characters its able to tell an amazing story that is more engrossing that enhances the experience. this would be a different experience if the characters and world were cell shaded or more cartoony with silent characters that are more robotic in movements with static objects.

to second guess the decision of getting a ps4 first day or at all would be silly if youre a gamer who appreciates quality video games.

getting this first day with all the ps first party games and ps4

aCasualGamer3769d ago


Agreed, you're pretty much guaranteed great quality with PS4 just from all the first party studios alone. Sony is doing it right by betting on exclusive titles. Instead of all that timed exclusivity bull, Sony tries to let devs create new games.

DatNJDom813769d ago


aCasualGamer3769d ago


There is no real spoiler in there, it's just an introduction to some parts of the first level. Amazing quality! Whether you watch or don't all you have to know is this is one of the most beautiful titles on the PS3.

MaxXAttaxX3769d ago

I wanna keep the experience fresh when I play it.

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GribbleGrunger3770d ago

You know, it's comments like that that assure me you've never played a GOW game in your life.

StrongMan3770d ago


Another moving level!!! ONLY possible on PS3.

xursz3769d ago

I haven't watched, but to those who braved the possible spoiler-filled contents guilt-free, i ask:

Is it worth it?

MegaSackman3769d ago

The feeling of end of everything that was in the intro of GOW3 can't be matched, this is truly spectacular and epic, but somehow expected, even though it looks beyond incredible this is PS4 level, you-we will be pleased my friend.

b_one3769d ago

it feels like you know, jaw drops and it still is enough. watch it, there is some nice multiplayer reference...

plaZeHD3769d ago

Amazing Visuals, great game-play tweaks, and a very compelling story. Day one for me, even better, it includes The Last Of Us demo.

StifflerK3769d ago

That looks excellent - can't wait to play this!!!

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