Killzone Vita Rocks, Tearaway Leaves IGN Wanting

IGN is seeing Sony games in LA, and here's the 411 on Killzone: Mercenary and Media Molecule's Tearaway.

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GUYwhoPLAYSvideoGAME2181d ago

i feel like when ign playstation team reviews portable games they score it like they're console games, and not incomparison with 3ds games

LOGICWINS2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

And rightfully so. Sony marketed the Vita as a "console in your pocket". Nintendo marketed the 3DS own its on merits. Because of this, PS Vita exclusives and ports will ALWAYS be held to a higher standard than 3DS exclusives and ports.

When you say your handheld device can offer an equivalent or near equivalent experience as its console counterpart, you open yourself up to increased criticism due to the lofty expectations that you set up.

Thats the catch-22 of being the best in the industry, the standards set for you will always be the highest.

WeAreLegion2181d ago

I think people disagreed with your statement before reading all of it. It was the "rightfully so" part that killed ya. ;) I don't think it's right to compare one current gen handheld to consoles and not the other. Both of them should be held to console standards. I, for one, think the Vita is doing well in that department, FPS's aside.

LOGICWINS2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

^^ N4G members (including myself sometimes) often have a predisposition to make snap judgements, whether it be judging an entire article on a title or an entire comment on the first few words. No harm done here :)

It seems comparisons of the Vita to the PS3 are only acceptable when the remarks are positive.

Just the other day, many(including myself) praised Killzone Mercenary for looking like a PS3 title, but saying NFS: Most Wanted doesn't match up to its console big brother garners comments like

"Of course..a handheld CAN'T compare to a console."

Anyone else seeing the double standard here?

"Both of them should be held to console standards."

Okay..why? Justify your argument. Nintendo NEVER promised that their handheld would feature console quality titles, Sony on the other hand....

rainslacker2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

I don't mind so much the comparison when it's a port or spin-off that plays like it's console AC3:L or maybe a Metal Gear game, but if it plays the same as it's console counter-part and it's just a graphics issue causing down rating then it should be taken within the context of the system itself.

I would like to see exclusive games to the console be reviewed on their own merits, however.

Can't really defend tearaway since I haven't played it, and know people in the community hype things way too much, and while I trust MM, I'm always cautiously optimistic.

Things like Gravity Rush and Tearaway offer unique experiences, and as such they should be taken for what they are, and maybe not held up to the same standards as console gaming, but instead reviewed on what they have to offer in terms of new experiences(ie. are they fun and unique), and how they much, and how well, they utilize the hardware it's on.

That being said, I believe the Vita itself has shown that it is capable of console quality games, and as such it's not too much of a stretch to consider the games for it on a console level.

sherimae24132181d ago

what do you mean... "vita exclusives will also be compared to console games?"

where would you compare gravity rush? .. to infamous?
and soul sacrifice?.... to dark souls?
and tearaway? ..... to puppeteer maybe?

by what you said the 3ds is not the competition for vita but the consoles! O_o good luck my vita ^_^

DigitalAnalog2180d ago (Edited 2180d ago )

Despite what you said, there must be some bound of reason while reviewing the portables to consoles. The specs are out there and to demand the exact SAME standard when the numbers clearly tell you otherwise shows the lack of research or intelligence on the reviewers part.

Take a look at KZ:L . Is the graphics comparable to their console part, yes. But can you expect 32 player matches multiplayer online like KZ2, no. Because there is bounds of REASON to what can can be achieved on a mobile device.

If such reasoning is applied then we're seeing a discrepancy between console and PC counterparts - in this case BF3 - the latter has better graphics and 64-player matches, and yet it does NOT affect the console score because when it comes down to it the core "experience" is exactly the same.

All we're saying is that same principle be applied to the Vita. If such standards are applied, then DmC should be receiving below average scores despite the fact many reviewers have stated it is a departure of the original series.

Segregating Vita for the sake of shows the lack of class and bias on the reviewers part. You can review the game based on it's merits but use a different approach when it's a handheld device is unprofessional and should be called out for rightfully so.

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8bitHero2181d ago

in their defense sony advertises it has a home console as the go. but i do agree, us, as the more educated gamer know thats not possible but the vita comes pretty darn close to it. so while i do agree it should be reviewed the same way as they review 3ds games, you cant really blame them for reviewing it compared to the the ps3.

HarryMasonHerpderp2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

Both games are looking amazing.
Not really sure what these guys want from the Vita.
It's everything I wanted in a PSP successor and more.
It seems nothing will ever be good enough for some people.

masa20092181d ago

Only 4 on 4 in Killzone?
I'm a bit disappointed since the aerial shots of the maps looked pretty large. I was kinda hoping for something like 12 players.

8bitHero2181d ago

youd think they would get the hint that everyone wanted more than 4v4 but i guess not.

masa20092181d ago

Especially after people complained that 4 on 4 in Resistance and COD got old fast...
I get it that this game is going to trounce RBS and CoD anyday of the week, and the perks look way better, but it'd have been nice to take the next step and send a strong message about the Vita's capabilities.

Time is running fast and the Vita can't wait another holiday season without a benchmark game.
Maybe there's something with the Vita's architecture that prevents them from doing more.
I find it surprising that even an in-house studio can't do more.

Fyflin2181d ago

Can't wait for both of these games. Tearaway looks genuinely fresh and interesting whereas Killzone just looks incredible, hats off to the developers for making the Vita produce something so polished. Hope the multiplayer holds up well.

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