Former Test Drive Unlimited devs making new game for PS4 and current-gen consoles

A number of former Test Drive Unlimited developers are hard at work on a new racer for the PlayStation 3 successor.

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majiebeast2138d ago

Hype PS4 Q3/Q4 2013 launch.

Gamer392138d ago

I hope its true!

This generation old and long time..7-8 years.

Larry L2138d ago

I kinda think you're wrong.....about this gen anyway. I think it's long from over, even if "next gen" starts far sooner than I thought it would (I thought Fall 2014).

I'm starting to think that we're going to see the same games coming out for PS4/X720 and PS3/360 for FAR longer than we got cross-gen games in all previous console generations. Yeah.....PS3 and 360 are behind newer hardware and can't run the newest games on the highest settings compared to PC......but the fact is PS3 and 360 are still strong hardware and still able to hold their own with games playing up to a good standard. And with development software so easily scaling graphics to lower end hardware now, I think we really could see almost a whole generation of current game coming out for both generations.

Not only this racing game, but also Project Cars has basically-kinda-sorta-but-not- really been confirmed for current and next gen hardware. Maybe it's going to turn out that both I'm right about GT6 being a PS3 game because it would be stupid for Sony and PD to pass up PS3's install base regardless of being late in PS3's life cycle, and the "GT6 will definitely be a PS4 game" people will also turn out to be right and the game may just come out for both systems.

Maybe this is slightly less so with 360, but with PS3, just seems like it has SO much legs left, untapped it can do alot more.......if not for just the lack of RAM I suppose.

NastyLeftHook02138d ago

feb 20 can't come soon enough! freeze me until then!

BitbyDeath2138d ago

Guess they can say the name PS4 now.

Gamer392138d ago

PlayStation Orbis. Latin, look Vita. Same. I think its cool name.

brandonb212138d ago

i hope its test drive unlimited 3 i loved the 1st one the 2nd one was terrible

DOMination-2138d ago

I think they were too ambitious. The car handling was terrible and the games were almost too big. But I'd like see them gave another crack. Horizon showed them how to do it.

I put 200 hours into tdu. One of this gens gems but by the time the second came out, games had advanced so much and the graphics in tdu2 and above mentioned handling just hadn't involved. Also i hated the championships.. Please go back to single events.. And if you can only do crap voice acting then don't bother at all.

DA_SHREDDER2138d ago

i knew next gen and this gen would co exist. It wouldnt surprise me if the ps3 passes ps2 or even wii sales.

showtimefolks2138d ago

it will pass wii for sure and even xbox360 will pass wii. now passing ps2 not gonna happen.

people seem to forget that sony usually supports their systems for a while, god of war 2 came out on ps2 when ps3 was on horizon.

ps3 is on pace to sell 129million,xbox360 at 117 and wii 107 million

hazardman2138d ago

Good numbers for everyone. 3 consoles at over 100mil truly very impressive.

showtimefolks2138d ago


no doubt competition is always better for consumers

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