PlayStation 3 Head-Tracking - No Gimmicks, No Glasses, Just A Camera (Watch this)

Stephen Totilo from MTV Multiplayer writes:

Some day gamers will be playing a PlayStation 3 first-person shooter and will simply lean your head to see around the corners. When that happens, you will likely be using the new head-tracking technology that was being demonstrated for the PlayStation 3's PlayStation Eye camera at GDC last week.

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alan0014861d ago

i cant see the vid !!!

Mr_Kuwabara4861d ago

Well it does take some time to load in my computer. (It shows up as a black box at start) but then it shows up eventually. That's weird. You, or need to upgrade something to watch it, or try the link of the article and see if it works.

BTW I tried to look for some good head tracking images and whatnot from Google and all I got was some porn so I just used the classic PS3 image instead.

marinelife94861d ago

Sony comes up with some ingenious ideas. They always seem to push technology in ways that will make sense. That my friends is called innovation.

Nathaniel_Drake4861d ago

The Innovationstation!!!!

If they can use this in an FPS how immersing would that be

Delt44861d ago

no its not innovation the wii has had a similar program for some time. Sony just used the idea and might actually use it for something. Not saying this isn't awesome, cause this will make for some awesome gameplay. Its just not innovation.

heres the link

jwatt4861d ago

Here is the guy from Sony that did it after the wii version.

illizit4861d ago


It is innovation. Sony is using a camera, not some baseball cap with tape and a wii sensor bar. This is called INNOVATION.

Delt44861d ago

no its not..... when they integrate it into a game that would be innovation. That would also be awesome. I cant wait till that happens but until it does its just the same thing we see in dig cam's and integrating a wii program. Im not hating on the ps3. I am just stating facts. I would just rather see a game running with this technology, but on a lighter note at least we can all say it will definitely be the Playstation that does it first. they seem to be leading all consoles on everything thesedays

DEIx15x84860d ago


The 360 beat Sony by nearly two years. Summer 2006:
Microsoft has been showing off this technology for awhile and their's is capable of tracking everything down to a single finger or accessory as well as a UNIQUE head. Sony's appears to be boxing every head that enters the shot instead of just the one it's supposed to. With the Vision Camera's technology you'll be able to even hold up your hand like a gun and pull the trigger in any direction to fire that way. The camera can figure it out by using depth perception to map it in 3D space.
Either way both are more proof of concept than anything that will hit market at the level that they show it.

gaffyh4860d ago

here is just the face tracking part of it

gaffyh4860d ago

Here is the Tank demo part of it

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Darkiewonder4861d ago

The wii tracking was good. then another Sony employee did it with a film filter and a special glasses he made. and now this one uses nothing but the camera and you. Would be awesome they really push this and see a game made from it! But right now, It would be interesting to see how good it is to track when people move faster.

Bleyd4861d ago

I could see this being used for lightgun type games where you're able to look around by using the location of your head. Then if they get really industrious they could track two heads at the same time for a 2 player game.

Arkham4861d ago

"Video not available in Canada, The U.K., And Japan. Sorry! IPs are blocked."

Fishy Fingers4861d ago

: (

Wonder if some nice person will have it on youtube within the hour...

Skerj4861d ago

The EYE should have been standard for every PS3 system sold. THEN we'd see some awesome use.

Zancruz4861d ago

I have one, it's really a good camera.

Ri0tSquad4861d ago (Edited 4861d ago )

Believe it or not Ken Kutaragi was so impressed by the PS EYE he wanted to integrate the PS Eye into the PS3 itself. I read about this in the Official Playstation Magazine. It also talked about this video (using the PS EYE for hiding and coming out of cover for FPS games) and how we'll be able to talk to our PS3s through the built in mic.

killer_trap4861d ago (Edited 4861d ago )

good point. if they start implementing this kind of control in future games then they should pack a camera with every system sold. i believe it's going to be a much better way to play fps than using the wii-mote and Nunchuk combination.

Darth Gamer4861d ago

Who shoots in a FPS with their head. My head never moves. My eyes are going like a bat outta hell but not the head. I don't like the direction that Sony is tring to go with all this motion control. I think this will fall hard just like the sixaxis motion control is doing. Baddly implemented.

Skerj4861d ago

Darth, the implementations would go further than what you just said. I can think of a use in an FPS that I'd use it regularly, peeking behind corners and other obstacles without having to use the controller to do so. It'd be so intuitive and elegant that it'd change how you played the game.

zapass4861d ago

I was hoping for exactly that after playing Antigrav on Ps2. This game was tracking your face and hands to control a snowboarding character in 3rd person: a total blast and my 1st realization that physical gaming was just around the corner.

Me thinks this is the single biggest mistake from Sony for this gen. Antigrav was made by Harmonix who focused on Guitar Hero instead.

But the Wii proved me right: physical gaming is going to be huge, I just don't like the plastic wiimote crap.

PsEye allows the whole body to be the controller, and that's the biggest breakthrough in gaming since 3D. We just need an IR camera at an affordable price and a big projection screen to get pretty damn close to the hollodeck. Can't wait!


But i got the pseye out of the deal.....

Arkham4860d ago

Bu..bu..but then Sony would be FORCING you to have a camera! ;)

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ps360s4861d ago

ermm if I remembr right someone posted somethnig about using the PSeye for the does that mean its true it might happen for the XMB too...if this was demostrated by Sony (meaning they have the idea on using the PSeye to its potential)then is Sony really bringing the XMB control by the PSeye...

Ri0tSquad4861d ago

Well, if you are don't..... Sony actually confirmed there working on it.

LeonSKennedy4Life4861d ago

Thank you! That was me!

We could use the Eye for a Minority Report-like XMB interface...moving stuff around...

Let's get a petition together NOW!

rawg4861d ago

XMB would be cool (manage songs, movies, pictures, etc.) but being able to browse the web using gestures would be awesome. Kind of like a full body iPhone-type interface.

Add in voice recognition instead of keyboard text input and I would probably use my PS3/EYE for browsing more than my PC.