PS3's Cell Chip Coming To A Mobile Phone Near You.

The Cell processor sits at the heart of the PlayStation 3, most powerful game console yet developed, and a high-performance computer from IBM and now Toshiba wants to put that power into mobile devices and cellphones.

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THELANDSOFSAND5903d ago (Edited 5903d ago )

"A roadmap for the processor on display by Toshiba at this week's Ceatec show in Japan shows a more powerful version of the chip under development for 2007. While details of the chip were not available, a source close to Toshiba said that the new device will be manufactured using more advanced 65-nanometer production technology. The current chips are being made on a 90nm line and the switch will mean lower power consumption and increased performance."

kmis875903d ago (Edited 5903d ago )

MS is making a similar switch to 65nm chips to reduce heat and power consumption. Sony could make the switch and maintain clock speed like Microsoft will be doing in one of the later hardware revisions.

And on a cheesier note, "That's what I call a 'cell' phone." Har har har.

CompGeek5903d ago (Edited 5903d ago )

Nice, biased article.