Will Backward Capability Really Be Important For Next Gen? We Think Yes.

PGN - Rumors have been growing these pasts’ weeks about both the PS4 and the Xbox 720, and while they are just rumors one big thing that many are concerned about it whether each console will support past gens titles. While we of course do not know, one has to ask why this is important to have.

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Yi-Long2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

... for starters it will be the 1 deciding factor in making me buy a next-gen console at launch or not, cause I want it to be able to play my library of current-gen games, while waiting for next-gen games to come out.

2nd, if my current-gen console dies and the console itself is out of production, it means I not only lose a console, but a whole library of games I bought and enjoy. Which is pretty much what happened with the Original Xbox. Mine broke down shortly after the release of the 360, yet the original Xbox wasn't being produced or sold anywhere here in Holland anymore.

If next-gen consoles aren't BC, I'm switching over to Steam/Steambox, which won't have that problem.

Nitrowolf22181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

Exactly why I would like to have it. I mean, new console swill have good games at launch no doubt, but there will be months of gaps in-between that'll need filling. I could careless if the PS5 has PS3 support though, I just want one generation before support. PS1 games will always work though won't they? IDK XD

Kevin ButIer2181d ago

an absolute must... just no...

Not that I love the idea, but Sony and MS will push on line content as much as they possibly can. I would love to see backward capability but I wont't be surprised if they get rid of it.

jukins2181d ago

come on with sony you know the current gen console will be sold for at least a few years after the new one comes out. and backwards compatability is always hit and miss if you really value it then just keep the original console.

Yi-Long2181d ago

... but Xbox is also entering next-gen, and considering I also have a 360 with lots of games, and knowing how they deserted the original Xbox in such a way that after the 360 was released it was nearly impossible to buy a brand new original Xbox, I have my hesitations.

Especially considering the hardware of both current-gen HD consoles isn't 'great', in that you can't realistically expect them to last 5+ years.

This is why I would consider it a muct for both next-gen consoles to be backwards compatible with current-gen.

LOGICWINS2181d ago

What if my original console breaks later this year? I'm I going to have to spend $700 to buy a PS4 and rebuy the PS3 so I can play PS4/PS3 games?

BadCircuit2181d ago

Totally agree that backwards compatibility is a must. It is especially important during the transition period, as many like me sell our old consoles to help fund the new, but still want to play the games.

akaakaaka2181d ago

Well your points are childish ..

Yes PS4 should be able to play retail games of any older PlayStation version, PSX, PS3, PS3. No need to a excuse on why.

It will help a lot of users to jump over? yes it's good for the gamer.

But the most important thing here is, it will make it win a biger market shear, Xbox/pc only user, will have the power to experience the old PlayStation games plus next gen games all in one box.

Sony better add it if they want to win back some market shear.

Donnieboi2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

You misspelled "share". Twice.

On topic: WHO in their right mind wouldn't want backwards compatibility? However, it would be expensive since Sony would have to keep producing the Cell Chips that have to be specially made. It's not like AMD or Nvidia who they can cut deals with. The Cell Chips have to be specially made only for PS3 and PS4 and will cost a lot because of it's propriety technology.

So, with that said, I think that IF Sony (and this is a big "if") decides that Backwards Compatibility is too costly, then the next best thing they can do is allow you to play your PS3 games on Gaikai (EVEN if you only have the disc version). It's entirely possible, since the PS3 is capable of knowing what game is in the console even before fully booting the game. If you have Uncharted 3 disc in the PS4, and it can tell that it is UC3, then Gaikai can route you to their Uncharted 3 cloud server so that you can play the game.

YES, I know it's annoying since you cant play it offline, but it'll be MORE annoying if the PS4 costs a lot of money due to BC, and doesn't sell a lot of units. The less units sold = low 3rd party support. So, it may be one of many possible cost-effective alternatives. Whether we like it or not.

Producing Cell technology JUST for BC in the PS4 is like beating a dead horse. The tech needs to be taken off of the production line so Sony can start making a profit, instead of bleeding money on propriety technology.

Sony is a business and if they bleed money, then they'll go out of business.

akaakaaka2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

Well sony buy the cell manufacturer or machines already ..
so it will not cost much, I'm concerned is if it will over heat the ps4 by having it in just as a extra. I love the idea of gaika but I don't think sony will use such a idea, gaika is there to make money not to please us.

And I bet the first gen PS4 will have the cell but second geb will not just like the ps3.

showtimefolks2181d ago

i want my ps4 to be able to play ps3 games, i am not asking sony to go back all the way to ps1-ps2. just be BC with ps3 games and i will buy the system

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DivineAssault 2181d ago

i wouldnt care about it.. Ill miss demons souls & thats about it.. But wait, its on the network right? Not the same as physical copies but its available.. If they must keep production costs down by ditching it, i wouldnt mind.. This gen had many games with flaws that i wouldnt miss

TheGamerDood2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

Exactly, if I want to play last gen games(which I don't) then I'll fire up my PS3, it's not like I'm going to get rid of it anytime soon.

Bumpmapping2181d ago

Should be two bundles one with Backwards Compatibility and one without for people who want a cheaper bundle don't care about playing PS3 games.

1upgamer992181d ago

I agree with that. I for one do not use my PS3 for Blu-ray, because it makes the drive work all that much more. I have Wii U, put my Wii In the closet. Sucks I can't play my Gamecube games but I will download em. I just want backwards capability because I don't need 3 consoles, a dvr, a blu-ray and my receiver too much clutter. :)

Conzul2181d ago

Yup, that's just how I feel. A version with B/C would be great.

LackTrue4K2181d ago

good idea, on that note...when sony released the ps3, i wonder which one sold the most??? The one with BC/or with out BC?

maniacmayhem2181d ago

BC is an absolute, especially with some of the best titles coming out this year. Not to mention i don't really have a whole lot of real estate near my TV. I would like to keep that area as simple and non-convoluted(??) as possible.

The main reason why the Big 3 are heavy investing in making an all around media/entertainment console. Well at least those are the plans of MS> But I am certain Sony wants the same thing.

BanBrother2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

I agree. It would be might convenient. It doesn't bother me so much, as I have an original PS3 (hardly play it, trying to keep it fresh, PS1 and PS2 games only), and I have my slim which I play on. Having 3 consoles when the PS4 comes out would be a pain. If they have PS3 compatibility, I'll be very happy, as that means I only eed my PS3 Fat and the PS4 (I can give the slim to a homeless guy or something'lol.....damn they don't have tv's).

Nevertheless, going off sony's track record, it should look classy under my TV. I wonder how the Blu-ray player will compare to others on the market, considering the PS3's was better than a lot'on the market when it released.

EDIT: forgot about the nextbox lol. I never had an original Xbox, so when I got a 360 I thought I'd buy some old games from the original. Some lf them didn't work, which pi$$ed me off. I hope if they (Sony and MS) do BC, that they don't leave out good games (like PoP 2&3 on the

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