Killzone Mercenary: every deployable VAN-GUARD weapon revealed

Kyle Prahl from writes, "Yesterday, I had the chance to go hands-on with Killzone: Mercenary - the upcoming PS Vita-exclusive FPS from Guerrilla Cambridge - and came out impressed. The game hopes to live up to its console predecessors with eye-popping graphical fidelity and the weighty, realistic combat that Killzone fans demand, but what I think makes the game special is its new content - the things we've never seen in a Killzone game, until now."

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profgerbik2087d ago (Edited 2087d ago )

I just can't wait to shank people left and right. I will never use any weapons, I am just going to be all stealth and shank some fools in the jugular.

For the people complaining it's touch only I think that adds a new challenge to players, I think it will be great especially if this is all in multi-player also.

Instead of just pressing one button that does it all for you.

tubers2087d ago

I wonder if melees are gonna be less used for MP. I read you have a chance to counter them.

Do they do that for other FPS as well?

r212087d ago

Cool, cool. Why is everyone calling the head stabbing device the Manty's engine. It makes more sense it'd be called the Mantis engine. Unless, theres a character in KZ M called Manty :I

tubers2087d ago

And the guy named "Manty" probable made the drone itself :P

I think it should just be called the Mantis.

r212087d ago

Well, Manty must be one hell of a guy. A flying drone that pierces people's head! Genius hahaha XD