Fieldrunners 2 Review (

Tower Defense games usually limit the actions of the player, forcing him to place towers at specific sites, it is sometimes necessary to follow a certain order to succeed. Fieldrunners gave players the power to decide for themselves the route by placing towers that divert the path of the enemy. Fieldrunners 2 continues this successful format, but also adds many new twists and fun. The freedom given to the player is without doubt one of the strongest aspects of the game and what makes it super fun.
Moving away from the traditional style of the original open plains, Fieldrunners 2 includes a variety of different types of levels. The game mechanics are the same, with enemies to find the most direct path to the goal, but now there are predefined locations, obstacles like bridges that affect the way that the enemy has to go. This also provides ideal locations for creating bottlenecks, like when a bridge goes around sometimes.

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