5 Things Parents Should Know: The Cave

Eric of writes:

"Today Vivid Gamer is proud to introduce a new recurring feature: 5 things parents should know. Here at Vivid Gamer, we want to try to help educate parents about various games. More than a review, this feature will help you learn about the game. Going beyond the ESRB ratings, we’ll let you know what might not be suitable for children or what might actually be acceptable, so you can make a more informed judgement about whether or not to allow your child to play the particular title. For our very first feature we will be covering The Cave."

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ncstatefan9533650d ago

Good idea. Parents should be more aware of what their kids are doing

TheLiztress3650d ago

I think this is a good way to help determine if a game could be too hard/mature for a kid.