Urban Trial Freestyle Amps Up PS3 and PS Vita | PS Blog

Wojtek Bilinski // GM, Tate Interactive writes:

We are getting closer to releasing Urban Trial Freestyle – and since we’ve focused on the PS3 version, we thought it was time to shed more light on the PS Vita version. Both versions of Urban Trial Freestyle feature the same proprietary physics engine (called Elephant Engine), so in terms of being a trial biking experience, PS Vita and PS3 are quite similar. Both platforms also feature the same game modes, outfits and motorbike customization. PS Vita is a really powerful machine — as a development team, we were able to include all the same features as those on the PS3 version.

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SandWitch2138d ago

So no release in Europe?

MorfiTM2138d ago

A Polish game developer is making it, so there is no chance in hell that it won't come out in Europe.

claterz2138d ago

Can't wait to play this on the Vita, seems like the perfect game for a handheld console.
Just a shame it's not cross buy :(

AusRogo2138d ago

Definitely getting it for vita!