Here’s the Killzone: Mercenary Box Art, Developers Tell Rockstar “Come at me Bro”

One thing missing yesterday when Killzone: Mercenary had nearly everything revealed – release date, multiplayer, gameplay – was the box art we can expect to see when it comes to store shelves on September 17th.

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doctorstrange2087d ago

I want the Helghast to invade Los Santos

Snookies122087d ago

I want CJ to fight the Helghast...

LackTrue4K2087d ago

I want the Helguast to fight CJ in Los Santos!!

Dee_912087d ago

I want to see a helghast in a gimp suite ....

LordLaguz2086d ago

All you had to do was follow the damn Dropship, CJ!

The_Con-Sept2086d ago

Man nothing ever happens in my town...... But I think they should be fighting in Denver Colorado.

MoveTheGlow2086d ago

I want a Hot Coffee mod in Killzone!


Ew, wait, no. No, I don't want that at all.

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StraightPath2087d ago ShowReplies(3)
showtimefolks2087d ago

Lol funny

Will buy this at launch along with Vita so Sony make sure this is good and you have yourself a Sale

dbjj120882087d ago

What is going on in that headline?

Seraphemz2087d ago (Edited 2087d ago )

Read the article...

konnerbllb2087d ago

Even after reading the article the headline still doesn't make sense.

Good_Guy_Jamal2087d ago

Lol, what is this read the article nonsense you speak of? Stopped reading past the headline in 4th grade!

spicelicka2087d ago

What's so difficult?? they literally tweeted "come at me bro" to Rockstar as both Killzone:mercenary and GTAV are set to release on the same day.

gamingmaster20132086d ago

i would prefer if the killzone release date was pushed back to about september 1st, that would give it the time to get a shitload of sales (at least a million units easily based on the quality of the game and if sony is able to market the game properly) before gta is out.

also rockstar is a great company but i think they just pulled two fingers up at guerilla cambridge by puttin the gta release date on the same day as killzone, which has the chance of harming vita sales. they could have easily put it on a different date, but if the games are released on the same day i'm going to make sure i have enough cash to get both

Wedge192087d ago

The side profile of the guy in the screenshot looks like the main guy from Watch_Dogs.

TrendyGamers2087d ago

I didn't notice that till you pointed it out! It totally does.

Wedge192087d ago

And now the picture is changed so no one knows what I'm talking about... awww damn.

Wedge192087d ago

I like that it is showcasing that these mercenaries are between the ISA and the Helghast, it's got a good "duality" sort of look to it.

Root2087d ago

NO...come on Sony change the release of this

You can't expect a PSV game to go up against GTA V, it will be slaughtered and over shadowed

They should delay this, I thought the same thing with the Last of Us when I thought GTA V was coming out in May

TrendyGamers2087d ago

I fully expect Sony to change the date either up one week or back one week.

doctorstrange2087d ago

Yeah, they were really unlucky about the timing, and the last thing they want is the Vita's most exciting game to be overshadowed

Root2087d ago


Thats my point, it's one of the most promising games for the PSV this year do you really want it overshadowed my GTA V.

We don't want this game to get low sales, you won't hear the end of it if it does

Blastoise2087d ago

I agree. "Come at me bro" lol, funny, but they should definitely change the date!

If I was Sony I'd get pretty much any game as far away from GTAV as I could, it's gonna sell some crazy numbers.

Aceman182087d ago

Love both series so its not an issue for me to get both on the same day, but i understand if they do want to move it. if your a fan of both franchises do you really care if they come out the same day your gonna get both games eventually right?

cpayne932087d ago

Yeah they may want to delay it another month, would result in better sales and more polish on the actual game.

Veneno2086d ago

Doesn't matter to me as I will get this awesome looking game well before Mediocre Theft Auto V.

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