Madden 14 releases in August – possibly titled “Madden 25″

"An update on the Madden 2014 website today has revealed the release date for Madden 2014, or, as it's likely name will be, Madden 25. It's hard to believe the series has been around for 25 years, but, while not every year received a game, it's steadily improved and consistently offers the best football experience around."

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NYC_Gamer2181d ago

I'll be waiting for the next NFL 2K

nrvalleytime2181d ago

That might be a long time my friend.

NYC_Gamer2181d ago

It's worth the wait in my opinion since Madden doesn't really improve that much in gameplay

rapidturtle2181d ago

I miss the 2K series. I pick up Madden every few years when it goes on sale around the holiday's . There is no way I would ever pay full price for it.
The 2K series disappeared the year after they released their brand new game for $19.99.

Rockefellow2181d ago

I'm curious: does the average N4G visitor regularly play sports games? It almost seems like a foreign subject on here.

black9112180d ago

Lol if you saw me you wouldnt think I'm a gamer.