Gaming Fail - The Powerglove

Gaming has it's ups and downs, Paul Izod takes a look at one of the most famous downs. The Nintendo PowerGlove.

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steve30x2182d ago

I think the gaming glove is a great Idea. Its a pitty it never took off.

Jek_Porkins2181d ago

The thing failed because it didn't work, but if you had one you were a badass.

Agent_00_Revan2180d ago

My older cousin had one. And we would sit there and watch him get try and get it to work for like 20mins and it never did. But it looked so cool!

typeN82181d ago

Thats just nin doin what nin does
Being innovative..trying new things..and for crap sakes letting everyone try it

So Thanks for a few crappy products that didnt work very well..backed up by all the other badass stuff you've given made my childhood awesome...powerscope fo life

MasterCornholio2180d ago

And i still have fond memories of the horrid N64 controller that was designed for alien hands and the VirtuaBoy which was a 3D handheld that was plagued with a horrible design and screen.

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