XSEED’s 2013 lineup proves the publisher’s stronger than ever

From the article, "Atlus used to be our go-to company. When it came to a hot Japanese game, we would know in our hearts that Atlus would be there. Yet suddenly, in the span of a few years, XSEED Games is the company that we can really trust. While Atlus has stepped back and played things safe, primarily localizing Japanese games from its own development studio, cutting back on other localizations and publishing generic and less-than-impressive games like Rock of Ages and the forthcoming God Mode, XSEED is blazing a trail and testing its boundaries. XSEED has gone from publishing niche games like KORG DS-10, Flower, Sun and Rain, and Half-Minute Hero to providing the kinds of games that change people’s lives, like The Last Story and the entire Ys catalog."

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Snookies122085d ago

*twitch* Ys, must have... Ys...

Man, I love Xseed.

jujubee882085d ago

YS Celceta is 100% a M U S T for any VITA owner!

Xof2085d ago

Any YS game is a must buy for ANY gamer.


And... should I be disappointed by that list? Wasn't it XSEED who brought over Legend of Heroes? Would have loved to have seen the sequel to Trails in the Sky announced, at least.

But, yeah, more great news from XSEED. Really hope they keep supporting the PC.

Game4life2085d ago

ive never played a YS game. What are they like. i do love japanese games so id probably like it im guessing.

UltraVegito2085d ago

So buying this,loved the YS series on the psp and will def buy this.
I love them for this i really homo

xursz2085d ago

wait so Ys Celceta is making it out of japan??

(haven't read the article)

blackblades2085d ago

Namco needs them to localize there tales since there not going to do it. They just care about the money then the fans.

Whelk2085d ago

It would have been nice to have a point-form list of what they're publishing in 2013.

PopRocks3592085d ago

I have to be pretty thankful to these guys. Without them I wouldn't have experienced the exquisite Last Story and I wouldn't get to try out Pandora's Tower. I hope they continue to be successful in their endeavors.

Hanso2085d ago

Ys is fantastic time to slay thousands of monsters again
Adol mass murderer xD

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