Battlefield 3 - Air Superiority Gameplay Unveiled

DSOGaming writes: "In addition, DICE has released a premium video that showcases the air superiority mode that will be featured in End Game so watch it while you still can."

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Crazyglues2088d ago

LoL... People still play Battlefield 3..

-I stop playing after the lag was messing up every game.. happened a little while after Aftermath came out... haven't been back since..

Is it still laggy.. ???


hardcorehippiez2088d ago

no its not laggy , most servers are stable and yes a lot of people still play battlefield 3 on ps3

Detoxx2088d ago

It has never been laggy

CapsLocke2088d ago

Try to make that shit-ass signature bigger.

pandehz2088d ago

Which console do you play it on?

GearSkiN2088d ago

you must hav a sucky connection

Crazyglues2088d ago

Y'all little kids better not be telling me lies..

I'm going to check it right now..

-And I'm on FIOS I never lag... Maybe they fixed whatever was going on..


Autodidactdystopia2088d ago

best 50 dollars i ever spent on software, ever.

so much value to this game im still getting expansions for free on par with whole games and at regular intervals a year after purchase.

dont care what you think about the game, there is no question it is a massive FUCKING BARGAIN.

hugely worth it.

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ATi_Elite2088d ago


now this gives all those OP PRO pilots something to do besides bombing the crap outta us ground guys!!!

Looking forward to seeing Noobs in the air again as they are such easy targets.

Karpetburnz2088d ago

That is epic, Its a shame I cant fly jets that well, Gonna have to learn.

LOL_WUT2088d ago

I never knew how to fly the plane in BF 1943 but after constantly trying my hardest and dying a lot I managed to learn pretty good.

MrGunny942088d ago

Hoping for servers that disable missiles locks :)

pandehz2088d ago

I always look forward to any Battlefield trailer

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