NVIDIA GeForce Titan Performance Exposed – Crushes Every GPU in 3DMark 11

PCOnline have received a 3DMark 11 score of the GeForce Titan from their sources which shows that the info about GeForce Titan being faster than the GTX 690 could possibly be true. The following 3DMark 11 which is supposedly ran with the GeForce Titan GPU scores X7107 marks in Extreme mode, you can compare it to the GeForce GTX 690 which has a score of around X6000 marks in the same benchmark. The score is almost twice that of a single GTX 680 which is amazing to say the least if its true.

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Farsendor12084d ago

very interesting if the card is better than a gtx 690 and about the same price i think ill be buying this. always best to have 1 single gpu

jmc88882083d ago (Edited 2083d ago )

Well the GTX 7 series is really supposed to rock. (bigger increase performance per watt Kepler->Maxwell then there was between Fermi->Kepler.

If this is the GTX 780, then it should be around 500-600 which isn't bad. But if this is just a stop gap, people should probably wait until June.

But I love my GTX 670, so this card is easily double that. That's some serious performance when I can run BF3 on ultra settings with my card. This card would seriously rock.

I wonder how it would fare with the new 3dmark coming out in a few days?