Battlefield 3: End Game | Capture the Flag Gameplay


'Witness Capture the Flag gameplay featuring the all-new dirt bike from Battlefield 3™: End Game.

End Game is the fifth expansion pack for Battlefield 3, out March 2013.'

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Hellsvacancy2178d ago

Looks awesome, its Battlefield though, so its what I expected

pandehz2178d ago

Yea DICE are a league apart. BF3 has its own standard.

Btw ctf looks intense dayum. Im gonna panic trying to take the flag all the way through on bike

MrGunny942178d ago

Looking good this will be fun 32v32 :)

Tonester9252178d ago

Kinda tired of being in the desert though lol

Detoxx2178d ago

Please tell me how many desert maps there are in BF3

sovietsoldier2178d ago

air superiority will be the best mode by far.

Karpetburnz2178d ago

YES, This is the game mode I want to play, It look amazing.

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