GDMag Q&A: How Halo 3 Got Legendary

In this interview originally published in Game Developer magazine, Bungie gameplay designer Francois Boucher-Genesse discusses the process that went into the creation of Halo 3's Legendary difficulty mode.

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DarkSniper3890d ago (Edited 3890d ago )

Halo only received it's status due to heavy financial backing. Had this game had a marketing budget of games such as Two Worlds, Vampire Rain, Lost Odyssey, Dark Sniper can gurantee you that the sales and reviews of Halo 3 would have received more realistic criticisms and results. At best, even the most biased Microslave can admit to him/herself that Halo 3 is nothing more than a 4.5/10.

Microslaves are personally offended as they read Dark Sniper's comments and allow each of his words to rip into the green souls that invade their body as he speaks nothing but gospel and truth which in reality favors only The Sony PLAYSTATION® 3 Home Entertainment Console.


socomnick3890d ago

so yo sniper hows Lair going :)

DarkSniper3890d ago (Edited 3890d ago )

On a side by side comparison, 100% of any gamer or non gamer can agree that Lair looks significantly more stunning than Halo 3 in the visual department. The only thing that plagued Lair was it's questionable controls. Dark Sniper can assure you that once this patch for Lair is released, all criticisms will be erased and the analg controls alone will propel this underrated franchise into true AAA status where it belongs.

Games such as Hour of Victory and even Halo 3 have no hope of better than what they are. Microslaves are stuck with the garbage once they purchase said games.


You bought an Xbox3890d ago

Ha !!
Don't make me laugh
How can anything be classed as legendary that is bought and played by the planet's biggest set of Loosers who think its cool to game in a master chief helmet and green y front underpants

Xbots Suck

Kaz Hirai3890d ago

Let's see- 640p, laggy, PATHETIC graphics, an online mode full of screeching little URCHINS?
Bungie- Don't even think about making games for my PerfectionStation 3. King Kaz is not impressed!


iceice1233890d ago

You say it is so bad yet it has what, 1 million unique users every day? How many are still playing R:FOM I wonder :) Yeah less than 100k uniques a week.

Bnet3433890d ago

The guys at the Open Zone read the headline without reading article. Misunderstanding FTL.

tatotiburon3890d ago

well what do you expect?, sonyretard keep having nightmares with Halo, with ESPN and MLG showing Halo everywhere, with the millions units sold cause halo, with all the glory around Halo...poor kids

Bonsai12143890d ago

i don't expect much to it. bump the ai slighly, raise their rate of fire significantly, raise their hp significantly, raise their numbers significantly... there you go.

btw, the guys in the open zone are kinda stupid. halo only got this big because its the game that saved the original xbox. no one can deny that. gears did it for 360 at a lesser degree.

tatotiburon3890d ago

HAHAHAHA sony retards crying cause HALO again hahahah, keep crying childrens

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