OXM's New cover for Fallout 3

The new OXM features a cover story for Fallout 3. Bethesda Blog notes:

"The April issue of OXM is now making its way to subscribers in the US as we speak. The cover story features a number of new areas and also features a host of new screens from different parts of the game, including new areas, new creatures/NPCs, weapons, etc. We don't want to give away too much info on what's in there, except to say it has the best ending line of any Fallout 3 preview thus far, thanks to a quote from Emil."

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MK_Red3976d ago

OMG, I have to get my hands on this issue. Awesome Fallout 3 art / cover.

Lord Vader3976d ago

Fallout 3 will be Awesome !

tony3975d ago

see more of this game. is it a fps with rpg elements or viceversa?

MK_Red3975d ago

Master Vader said it all.

tony, it will be viceversa: A deep and true RPG (More complex and deeper than Mass Effect) with FPS elements though it could be played in 3rd person.

celticlonewolf3976d ago

Its on my "must buy this year" list lol

Meus Renaissance3976d ago

What's so special about this game?

socomnick3976d ago

If you even have to ask that question then your not a real gamer.

AngryHippo3976d ago (Edited 3976d ago )

all i know is that quite a few people that talk on this site believe that it will be a great game. These people arent your typical idiot fanboys but true gamers and i for one respect their opinion. Therefore with the all the positives i have heard about the fallout franchise being a good one, i for one am taking a great deal of interest in this game. I do like the idea and art direction of the game. Kind of gives me the same sort of feeling like when i first heard of Bioshock and that game blew me away.

@ Socomnick, i for one had never heard of fallout before, just because of the fact someone hasn't heard of a game for whatever reason does not mean that they are not a real gamer. I really don't agree with that. I am definately keeping an eye on this game.

Keowrath3976d ago

Meus, go and find a copy of the second one and play it NOW!

Then all will be clear =)

Meus Renaissance3976d ago

I don't even know what this game is so suck a thumb and step down, the heights making you dizzy considering you response. I've heard about it but never given it much interest - so why the disagrees with simply asking a question? It wasn't rhetorical.

kwicksandz3975d ago

Its like asking whats FF or halo. Fallout is one of the top RPG series of all time. how can you have so many bubbles and not know about this iconic series.

Meus Renaissance3975d ago

Because I don't know what it is, I'm not an encyclopaedia. And this Bubble system is based on how well written posts are, not supposedly how deep your knowledge of every game is.

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silenius3976d ago

Does anyone know when this masterpiece is gonna be released???

ben8063976d ago

is this coming to the ps3?

AngryHippo3976d ago is coming to the PS3. Which is good news.

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