Project Shield 'Can Run Crysis'

IBTimes UK - Nvidia's has said that its upcoming handheld Project Shield console will have a game library "tens of thousands deep" combining PC and Android titles and will be able to run Crysis.

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Perjoss2089d ago

It crashes even if you just try to view crysis screenshots on it!

ginsunuva2088d ago

It streams it from a pc so it doesn't matter what game it is, all it's doing it playing back a video, essentially.
So it can actually "run" crysis (or any game) at 60fps or more.
Does your PC take more power to watch a youtube video of crysis than a video of cats?

Unztayble2090d ago

Project Shield 'Can Stream Crysis'


iamnsuperman2089d ago

I agree with Unztayble. Streaming is different to running. Also the use of quotation marks makes it seem Nvidia said this. When in fact the interviewer said "can it play Crysis?' Nvidia answered "yes it does," which is true but they never said it could run it. Please use quotations properly.

Blues Cowboy2089d ago

Well spotted - they've gotten around that by using the single quotation marks, classic.

On topic, yes, all the Shield does is process video streamed from your PC. If your PC can run Crysis, there's no reason why the Shield shouldn't. (at least as I understand it)

Skate-AK2089d ago

I believe it runs off Nvidias servers not your own computer.

Blues Cowboy2088d ago

@Skate-AK: It's definitely your own computer, they've said that you'll need a recent NVIDIA GTX card to run it.

Asuka2089d ago (Edited 2089d ago )

"streaming" crysis is alot different than "running" crysis

bicfitness2089d ago

It just looks so ugly (Project Shield). I wouldn't be seen carrying it around.

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