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Nerdluster: If you want to experience all of the jokes and the different characters you will play through the game a minimum of three separate times each time experiencing a mostly similar progression with only minor changes in areas that are accessible. Each character has its own backstory to explore with the Cave Paintings but in order to collect them all you'll have to play each one through all of the missions including the universal areas open to all players. To put it simply if you're a completionist this game will madden you right away. Additionally if you were thinking about speed-running The Cave you might cause yourself to go crazy within its dark & mysterious confines. Even with its beautiful design the gameplay glitches and endless but unrewarding platform jumping detract from fully enjoying the story. If you've enjoyed Ron Gilbert and Tim Schafer's stories in the past you will definitely enjoy the quirky characters and awesome design of The Cave but the gameplay doesn't ever meet up with their fantastic sense of style.

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