Calming the waves of war

GC writes, "Generation after generation when new consoles come out fans line up on the battlefield with their colors waving bright behind them. Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft have managed to create armies of gamers who sling verbal catapults and fireballs at each other. Like a Hundred Years War these wars go on and begin to sort of die down until rumors begin to surface for the next wave. These rumors only serve to fuel the fires of war. If you’re not familiar with what I’m talking about just visit any gaming website’s forums. Within a few posts you should have seen someone hating on another company’s console while raving why their choice was better. Most of these are supported by opinions that are boasted as facts that they have just made up or simply aren’t true but rumored."

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chadboban2085d ago

I wish it could be this way. I'm a gamer who plays on everything. I own a PS3, a Wii, a 3DS, a PSP, a PC. I still even have my old school systems like a PS2, PS1, N64, SNES, a Dreamcast(yes I own a dreamcast), even a Sega Genesis and a NES. I'm hoping to add a Wii U and a Vita to that by the end of the year.

Unfortunately the only system I don't own is an Xbox or an Xbox 360 but that's okay because I have a friend who is willing to loan me his whenever there is an exclusive I want to play (love me some Gears of War and Halo).

And as much as I would like to "calm the waves of war" and have the gaming community actually be a COMMUNITY instead of acting like a bunch of idiots who segregate themselves across borders surrounded by barbed wire fences and landmines, flinging shit at one another for liking different things, it's just not possible right now(and I'm not sure it'll ever be).

Honestly the picture in the article warms my heart because that's the way I would want it to be. However, just looking comments on the articles on the front page of this very site, I know it'll never happen. I just wanna say to the author of this piece that I'm with you, and hope we can put all the fanboy bullcrap behind us and just enjoy games.

And it's a shame your article probably won't garner much attention because it is positve and doesn't start a flame war and as we all know, that's the stuff that gets the hits here.

PopRocks3592085d ago

It would be nice if there was some essence of mutual respect on all accounts. Granted I'm no stranger to getting snippy with others during game related debates, which is something I continue to work on, but it honestly would be nice on the other end of the spectrum as well.

For example, it would be nice if damn near 80% of the arguments I receive over defending something Nintendo related or something mildly critical of something non-Nintendo wasn't always "oh you're just wrong because you're a fanboy."

Okay, I have my preference and you don't like that. That doesn't exactly invalidate my point of view, just as you liking something different doesn't invalidate yours.

Jobesy2085d ago

Defending something is one thing, defending something while putting down the competitions products (which is what you usually do) is entirely different. Glad you're trying to work on it though.

PopRocks3592085d ago (Edited 2085d ago )

That is a downright, two-faced lie.

I NEVER put down the competition unless I am drawing a necessary comparison between one persons criticism of one product over another, such as if someone cites Wii U sales as a criticism and I bring up the Vita's in response.

You quote me actually putting any non-Nintendo product down without providing a viable criticism and I will concede. Honestly, this only proves the point I made.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW2085d ago

@ PopRocks359

Not really sure about your over-all post but that is the case many times-

Like if I were to say "the Vita is doing worse than 3DS."
OR- If I said to someone talking about how "Fail" the Wii is and I respond, "But that under-powered system kicked Last Gen's butt."

Some people could take that as bashing their preference and could see me as solely a fan-boy,

When in truth I see the value of all 3 companies and don't want any of them to go out of business (even if I want Nintendo to do slightly better than its peers).
& Truth is that I am impressed by the Vita's tech...

Context of the re-marks matter... sometimes a strong retort follow a strong condemnation-

PopRocks3592085d ago


Sorry. I was typing on an iPad I'm borrowing while I'm away from home. It's not ideal for typing out rebuttals.

I'm impressed by the Vita's tech as well. The unfortunate thing is the last time I stated why I have yet chosen to buy one, I had a bunch of people either calling me a fanboy or a hypocrite.

You can't be yourself on this site without someone wanting to try to make you look like a bad guy for it and it's utterly ridiculous. I really wanted to believe that this community's reputation could improve, but hoo boy was I wrong.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW2085d ago

@ Poprocks
I was trying to add this in edit but my browser froze-up.

"Context of the re-marks matter... sometimes a strong retort follow a strong condemnation-
-BUT some people don't bother to back-up to see the ORIGIN, just the product.

(I usually like your comments)."

I was agree with you not condemning.
There are so many unreasonable Trolls and Articles that it is inconceivable to expect us (you) to preference every remark with "I like Vita too"- Unless it was an auto text.

MGregory6662085d ago

I am lucky enough to own most devices expect a Wii U. I enjoy all the exclusive titles each platform brings to the table. Just enjoy it people, it's for entrainment and enjoyment, not rivalry.

TheOnus3352085d ago (Edited 2085d ago )

Really the only way to fully enjoy this venue of entertainment it to diversify your options. People have preferences but blocking yourself entirely from a boat load of good games is just silly

2085d ago