This Metal Gear Rising Poster is hiding something

Hideo Kojima shared a picture of a Metal Gear Rising poster that Kojima Productions received to color check. Two of the characters are hidden by a conveniently placed iPhone.

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blackbirdi2088d ago

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MrGunny942088d ago

Either Sunny or Rose :)

Lord_Sloth2088d ago

Likely both of them but I hope it isn't Rose. I hate her so much.

RyuX192088d ago

It's Boris and Sunny. The Iphone case is big so it would have to hide two. If it hid Kevin that would be racist lol.

bryam19822088d ago

Vamp vs raiden again but this time we'll control raiden oyeeeeaaaa

infamousinfolite2088d ago

But he's dead. I think it's Sunny since it seems that she favors Jack(Raiden) and has probably came to visit Raiden.

TheOneWhoIsTornApart2088d ago

Does anyone know what that Metal Gear Solid 25th anneversary thing is covering up the picture? Ive seen Kojima tweet pictures of it before but he has never told us what it is.

RyuX192088d ago

It's his own special case Iphone Case. This might be on sale, but his Diamond Dogs case is for Hideo only.

TheOneWhoIsTornApart2088d ago

yea I saw the Diamond Dogs one. I really wish that was for sale.