Let's talk about Dark Souls II: The kind of game that ruins lives

MMGN: That's what Dark Souls is: part Medieval horror, part Spirited Away, it's the ultimate game title. And part of the reason why it took off so much is because it's hard. Really, really hard. It's part of a prestigious family of games that pride themselves on their inaccessibility.

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sdozzo2090d ago

Can't wait. Going to be awesome.

Roccetarius2090d ago

I disagree, Dark Souls 2 is going to be dramatically different.

sdozzo2090d ago

I don't think so. There is too much at stake to stray far from the blueprint. They will do a good job.

Irishguy952090d ago

Why do you think that? There has been no indication of that anywhere. And the dev of Demons and Dark souls explicitly said he was taking heavy control of the gameplay to ensure it remained true to the Souls series thus far

ab5olut10n2090d ago

But it ruins them in a GOOD way.

SnakeCQC2090d ago (Edited 2090d ago )

the pc port for ds1 was awful

Nevers2090d ago (Edited 2090d ago )

Dark Souls gave me a alternative habit to my FFxi account. Thank you Dark Souls for giving me my life back.

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