Xbox Live to focus on family, says Microsoft

Xbox Live is becoming Microsoft's secret weapon in its battle with Sony to secure lucrative family audiences, the platform holder has told MCV.

Paramount Pictures recently signed up to provide movie content to Live's download-to-rent Video Store on Monday – an extension of a successful collaboration between the two firms in the US over the past 15 months.

New and library movies such as Transformers, 1409 and Orange County can now be 'borrowed' by 360 owners, joining the expanding library of films already provided by Warner Bros.

And Xbox Live marketing manager for the UK Robin Burrowes believes that Video Store – and additional yet-to-be-announced innovations – will draw the mainstream audience to 360 this year.

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BloodySinner3890d ago (Edited 3890d ago )

...but if the family is planning on gaming online they can forget it. There are just way too many assholes on Live (due to the high userbase). Seriously, it's ridiculous.

Lord Vader3890d ago (Edited 3890d ago )

I agree. Throw away your headsets kids !

I think I got my *mute achievement* playing Gears last Friday night....

Any social network that is not face to face (i.e. XBL, PSN, the Internet) ppl are going to act the fool, b/c in real life, they'd get their a$$'s kicked...

VirusE3890d ago

I don’t think it’s just live. Look at some of the a-holes on n4g or any forum on the net. The sad truth is people when given anonymity tend to act like retards.

The only reason PSN doesn’t suffer from this as bad as live is because the system doesn’t come with a headset.

Ureval3890d ago

LOL Bravo Virus! Well said.

okcomputer3890d ago

I'm pretty sure they're talking about adding more actual content and not anything in game. Things like a family movie download section or more kid friendly downloadable content section. If thats the case then the a-holes on live wouldn't really be a factor since it'd have nothing to do with actual pvp online gaming.

Lacarious3889d ago

XBox live is a hive of sexually deprived children mixed in with adults that must've got beat up a little to much as children. It's pure comedy though... some dudes can get so angry over a game and then they get even madder when you pretty much laugh at them for the fools that they are.

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You bought an Xbox3890d ago

Focus on Inbred,hillbillie,redneck,sh!t kicker families !!

Xbots Suck

InYourMom3890d ago

actually your mom sucks.. and she sucks rather well too.

I just had her keep her shirt on because all the back hair really bothered me.

shadowghost7523890d ago

Doesnt the wii do that already?

The sold because it appeals to families and seriously how can you buy a console for you kids when it WILL break? Imagine the disappointment. Does M$ get off on this?

InYourMom3890d ago

Does the Wii offer family friendly movies? Did you even read the article or just decided to spew your stupidity with no knowledge about what the article discusses. I can already tell by your guaranteee WILL break comment you are nothing but another POS droid.

shadowghost7523890d ago

That would be useful except you can get all of those films on blu-ray and keep them not "borrow" them

Boldy3890d ago

Yeah that is useful, especially when getting the movies off of live cost $20-$30 cheaper than getting a blu-ray movie, and saves you a trip of having to go to the store.

okcomputer3890d ago (Edited 3890d ago )

You don't get the keep the movies permanently on your hd when you download them on live do you?

I thought hd movies on live was more like a rental service than actually owning the movies.

Boldy3890d ago

Yeah you are not able to keep the movies for now, but one of the execs (can't remember who) let slip that once they expand the library of movies and build up a large catalog of movies they will then introduce pay to own movies.

Tempist3890d ago

So this is their big plan to capitalize on what the Wii did and as well move into the 'causal' gaming sphere.

I wish them luck in their endeavor.

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