Politicians Calling Video Games More Dangerous than Guns is Disrespectful to Victims of Violence

In the wake of the many shootings that have been publicly covered by the media in the United States, many politicians are moving for stricter control over violent video games. This includes Senator Leland Yee, who has the opinion that gamers don’t have the proper perspective on the issue.

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militissanctus2091d ago

While I agree with the sentiment of your article, I also don't think it's totally fair to toss 100% of the blame back on guns.

Interesting stat I saw recently: In Brazil, where you can spend up to 4 years in jail for owning a gun, the gun-murder per capita is higher than any other country on earth...

Funky_Homosapien2091d ago

Politicians will have to answer to god.

profgerbik2091d ago

+1 for knowing who Del the Funky Homosapien is.

KrisButtar2091d ago

What a horrible thing to say video game violence disrespecting victims of violence, wonder if they feel porn is disrespecting rape victims?

anime_swag_pro2091d ago

Please reread the title and article.

KrisButtar2091d ago (Edited 2091d ago )

Guess I should have said does the dumb senator, think that. I'm not from America nor am I allowed to visit, by I see what the gov't stands on gaming and where gamers stand, but where does the general public stand with the gov"t or gamers? Or is it really mixed thoughout the country

rainslacker2090d ago


Most people think politicians are a joke in America, particularly after the last few years with a joke of a senate, and a horrible presidential campaign. Although there are obviously many that think politicians do ok. There are those that believe what this guy said, and those that see it as misdirection and avoiding the issue. Our news media is generally bad all around, and different venues tend to support different views and support different politicians/social agendas.

As far as gaming, it's more accepted in the US than it was just 10 years ago. Usually if you see things like this it's from older politicians, religious groups, or those with a conflict of interest, so it tends to be a way to take the blame off them and avoid having to change for the better. Over 80% of Americans play games in some form, and the views on violent games tend to be mixed, but for the most part they are accepted among the general populace in the same way violent movies are. Gamers themselves aren't really considered an insular group anymore, probably mostly because those coming up on middle aged now probably grew up with video games. It's why in 15-25 years time most of this nonsense will probably be gone outside of a few extremist on the issue.

As far as the general public, I can say having traveled and lived in several countries in the world that people are pretty much the same throughout. One thing is pretty common though, they pretty much all seem to have a distrust of politicians.

Dirtnapstor2091d ago (Edited 2091d ago )

So sick of out-of-touch politicians making asinine statements skirting the real issue. Quit with the scapegoating!
No written law or stricter regulation is going to change someone who is mentally uncivil, or insane.
If they're so concerned, then why haven't they promoted the idea that PARENTS regulate what their children play?!?! Ratings are there, just like movies, etc.
Are they going to regulate with legislation the movie industry, ultimate fighting, TV shows, competitive little league football... the list could go on and on.
More people die every year from irresponsible drivers, drunk or not.
Guns and videogames are "easy pickings" because not everyone understands them or has the desire to.

Thefreeman0122091d ago

Gotta love how money by corrupt special interest groups such as the NRA or big oil can pay off these scum bag senators no matter what the issue is to promote their words.

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