Five Reasons – Why We’re Excited for Grand Theft Auto V

"There’s something about Rockstar-created worlds that keep you coming back for more. Perhaps it’s the unique and crazy characters you meet, or the fact that you can raise as much hell as you want whenever you’re having a bad day. So like you, most of us here at JTM can’t wait to get our hands on the upcoming Grand Theft Auto V.
Here are five reasons why we’re excited to play it." - JTM Games

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CapsLocke2091d ago

Five reasons why these articles don't really needed.

Dfooster2091d ago

I hope they include the iPod music on foot thing. I thought about this the other day and think it would be a great idea.

MrGunny942091d ago

It's a Rockstar game enough said

evilhasitsway2091d ago

ill give you the one and only reason because we need new games there has only been a handful worth buying and playing so far.

stage882091d ago

Have you just bought a console?

claud32091d ago

well they are a given

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