Metal Gear Solid Confirmed as a PS2 Port

Matthew Butrovich writes, "...Konami's PR stud Andrew Kelly, who today confirmed for that Metal Gear Solid 1 will in fact be released on a Playstation 2 disc. No disc swapping. No more gray memory card. Other than those two improvements the port should be entirely transparent to the player, retaining the PS1's visuals and gameplay mechanics."

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Hydrollex3939d ago

Buy a PS3 to enjoy the full quality

strwrsxprt3939d ago

I was curious as to how they were going to handle saving with the original playstation game.

I certainly don't have any of my old playstation memory cards anymore but this is great news and I'll be picking up this collection for sure

GodsHand3939d ago

"retaining the PS1's visuals"

Why would they do that, when the Gamecube version is far better looking then the PS1.

Skerj3939d ago

I was just going to say that. But it's more than likely due to time and resources.

strwrsxprt3939d ago

Well some people might want to play the original exactly as it was

Keowrath3939d ago

I'd like to play the original how it was. Voices, story and cutscenes (I didn't mind the whole matrix-esque twin snakes but I felt the original was better in the long run)

But the graphics by todays standards are severely lacking. MGS with MGS3 graphics would be awesome. Better yet ramp it up to MGS4 standards and I'd be in heaven but keep the original voices, emotion and cutscenes.

GodsHand3939d ago

If you want to play the original, then buy the original. I don't know about you but playing pixelated games on an HDTV, is not exactly fun.

RecSpec3939d ago

Twin Snakes substituted substance for style. The graphics were better but the cutscenes were cheesy as hell. Especially after boss fights. I'm thinking of the tank and Sniper Wolf in particular.

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Fishy Fingers3939d ago

Well if that wouldnt make you wanna step up from your PS2 to PS3 i dont know what would.

DrPirate3939d ago

And they just sold me the Essential Collection.

Damn you Kojima for making me own your games three times.

strwrsxprt3939d ago

The article is talking about the Essential Collection

DrPirate3939d ago

Yeah I know, but I wasn't planning to buy it.

Until now.

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The story is too old to be commented.