How Much Would you Pay for a PS4?

Since we don’t miss an opportunity to include PS4 in our titles, we’ll be doing three PS4-themed Ask PSLSes in a row after you asked for it. To start us off, we wanted to focus on a very important aspect of the PlayStation 4 – the price.

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NYC_Gamer2139d ago

I'll drop 450-500 on PS4.

nukeitall2139d ago

I would say, depends on what the PS4 is offering?

I don't mind dropping a $1000 on a MS Surface Pro, so it really boils down to how Sony is justifying the price.

Redrum0592139d ago (Edited 2139d ago )

OVER 9000!!! D:<

Hydrolex2139d ago (Edited 2139d ago )

wouldn't pay more than 500 max ! and that's enough for a big company like sony to charge per console to make a great and a powerful console...

Conzul2139d ago (Edited 2139d ago )

For the standard SKU....I would pay up to $500 to get it at launch.

IF (very unlikely) there was a more expensive model that incorporated stuff like full backwards compatibility, SSD, or other worthy surprises, I'd drop as much as $1000.

Hell, I plan on spending that much and more on an Xperia Z and Xperia Tablet Z in a few months anyway.

Septic2139d ago

What nuketail said.

I have no idea what it's offering but it'll be a day one purchase for me anyway unless it turns out to be rubbish which I highly doubt.

inveni02139d ago

Totally depends on specs. WiiU specs, and I won't drop more than $199. Really nice specs, however, and I'll pay up to $600 with a smile on my face.

Mykky2138d ago

This time I will be waiting before I buy any console on launch, if I can hold back my temptation. Cheaper and improved console, and a bigger game library to buy from.
Doubth I'm going to drop more than 400$-450$ though.

blitz06232138d ago

Depends on what it offers - specs, launch games, other services. Just from the specs, I'm willing to put down a max of $400. Give me good (and I mean Uncharted good) launch games and I will happily throw in up to $500.

mattdillahunty2138d ago

i'd pay $300-400 on it, depending on what games it has. if it comes out with a launch lineup like the PS3, then i'll pass, because i'm not overpaying for a graphics upgrade that will be less than what i can run on my current PC. but if it comes out with absolute must-play games that i can't get anywhere else, then i might be persuaded to spend that much on it.

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BrunoM2139d ago

500 I would go for it day one over that I probably will end up getting but over 600 ain't happening

lilbrat232138d ago

Depends on specs but $300-$400 nothing more.

lilbrat232138d ago

Depends on specs, but $300-$400 nothing more.

Flavor2139d ago

You drop anything more than $299/$350 on the next PS console you are a fool.

juandren2139d ago

You drop anything more than $50 on the current Xbox console and you are a fool

kneon2139d ago

Why? I spend more than that each week just on bars and restaurants.

If it's got the games I want to play and it's got the specs to justify the price then I have no problem with $1000 PS4. But I know that's not going to happen as it would bomb at that price.

SkyGamer2139d ago

Try thinking mid level pc specs with more limited functionality. More than 350 for new Xbox or ps is a rip.

Outside_ofthe_Box2139d ago

***"Try thinking mid level pc specs with more limited functionality. More than 350 for new Xbox or ps is a rip."***

Mid level? LOL next gen consoles will essentially be high end PCs at bargain price.

Even $700 for next gen consoles would be bargain if you are comparing it to a PC as buying the PC equivalent to next gen consoles will cost well over $1000+.

Dasteru2139d ago (Edited 2139d ago )


$350 isn't mid range by PC standards.

$350 is granny checking emails on linux.

Mid range starts around $650-700.

Also to anyone who thinks the PS4 will launch at $299, it won't.

The PS3 is still $299 right now and its been on the market for over 6 years. The PS4 will most likely be $399 for the basic model and $449 for the premium.


NG consoles will not be anywhere near a high end PC, The 360 and PS3 were about equal to a mid range PC when they came out and it won't be any different this time around.

Redrum0592139d ago (Edited 2139d ago )

I'm willing to spend up to 600 if its beefed up enough.

morkendo232139d ago (Edited 2139d ago )

you are soooooo right FLAVOR

gamers must have forgot how much ps3 started off 599.00
350-459 about right.anything higher is waste of money.

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Donnieboi2139d ago

Me too. $500 is too pricey. But $450 is tops, and it better have backwards compatibility and let me use my entire psn catalog at that price.

adorie2139d ago

PS4 is gonna be a nuclear powerhouse. Look at Kazuo's fingers. Proof enough!

zeddy2139d ago

£300 is all i'll pay.

wastedcells2139d ago (Edited 2139d ago )

I'd like to pretend the price matters but I could care less how much it costs. Didn't regret paying for any console on day one.

zerocrossing2139d ago

Unless Sony are complete morons they aren't going to release the PS4 at over £500 IMO.

Some people may be willing to shell out for it but they'll be loosing a lot of potential earl adopters if they pull the same crap as they did with the PS3.

Conzul2139d ago

If users are allowed to keep their PS Store purchases and play them through some form of BC, I think (at a stretch) Sony could get away with charging $600 at launch, provided they threw in a year of PS+ and had a strong lineup, etc.

Oh_Yeah2139d ago (Edited 2139d ago )

I'll wait until the ps4 has 5 exclusives I like and the price drops to 350 or below, and I'll wait to see how reliable the hardware is. In the meantime ill game it up on ps3, wii u and pc. This gen I bought 2 ps3s, a phat which was 400, a slim which was 200, 2 360's, phat for 300,and a slim for 300. That's 1200$... And that's a no no for next gen, because if I could do it all over I'd gladly take that 1000$ back I spent on the phat ps3 and 2 360'and just keep the ps3 slim I paid 200 for 2 years ago at a pawn shop.

Rainstorm812138d ago

U kinda killed you argument cause u bought a Wii-u....why not hold IT to the same standard?

Oh_Yeah2138d ago (Edited 2138d ago )

@rainstorm81 I have not yet bought a wii u, but im planning on it sometime soon after monster hunter and pikmin 3 is released. Price might be down to 300 by that time and there will pretty much be 5 exclusives I'd like...

cannon88002139d ago

I'm getting one for free before it is released to the public. Not kidding. I'm probably the luckiest gamer in the world because I met a very important person that works for sony and I was talking about the ps4 and also how I always loved the PlayStation brand over the competition. He also gave me an exclusive sony edition backpack from swissgear. It's called a swissgear synergy laptop backpack. The only difference is that mine has a sony make believe steel plate on it.

Rainstorm812138d ago (Edited 2138d ago )

Post a picture.......and even then your geeked out fantasy would only be ever so slightly believable.

Oh wait let me guess, you left the backpack at your grandmother/ **insert relative** house...

Brownghost2138d ago (Edited 2138d ago )

How is getting a backback a conformation to get the console for free?

cannon88002138d ago (Edited 2138d ago )

I'm glad you guys don't believe me. But don't worry, when I get it I'll post a video on the internet. And about the backpack, I'll try to post the image on the internet with my name on it. I'm not lying guys I'm serious. @Brownghost he gave me a backpack because he had some to give to people. I just don't want to tell people his name or job title because it's actually relatively easy to find out his information and even phone number, so I don't want people to call him and annoy the crap out of him. But you know what if you guys don't want to believe then go on right ahead. My reward will be greater.

cannon88002138d ago

Here is the picture of my backpack that he gave me. It's a swissgear synergy computer backpack. Just try your best to find one that has the sony make believe badge on it. I bet you wont be able to.

Brownghost2137d ago

I never said you were lying, i was saying getting a backpack doesn't mean your getting a ps4. Just a guy being nice to a fan.

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Aceman182139d ago

I'd say $500 at most. i expect both new consoles to come in around that mark for their premium models.

Saigon2138d ago

I am surprised at how much most would want to pay for the PS4 system. For Me I expect the system to around 350$ - 450$. I will be willing to pay 500$ but really will be hesitant to give out that amount of money.

If Sony decides to release the same base system with no differences between the model other than the hard drive, I will then have to decide where to go from there.

If there is a 250GB at a price range of 350$-400$ and a 500GB at a price range between 450$-500$, I will be happy with the 250GB if the top model is 500$. But I have to say if the 500GB model goes for 400$, it would be the better buy.

UnholyLight2138d ago

Unfortunately if the Wii U is any indicator, these consoles should be way more than 299-350. The Wii U really doesn't give you much for that price, and the differences between these new consoles and Wii U are going to be Night and Day. I will gladly shell out anything up to 700 for something I will own for the next 6+ years.

Saigon2138d ago

Honestly that makes no sense. That doesn't mean anything or have an impact to why the wii u is priced that way. Technically the wii u in my opinion is overpriced. The consumers are only paying for the digital game pad in a sense. And the comment does not indicate the price of the next generation systems based on the wii u current price. Like i said in my original post a price point between 350$ - 450$ will sit well with the consumer base especially if the only difference is the hard drive between the price points if they have multiple versions.

UnholyLight2138d ago

450-550 both Sony and Xbox. Hell, if they are 700 It's not gonna stop me from buying one. It's not like an iPad where I can't justify the high price for what you get...

Christopher2138d ago

Won't know until I see what it can (can't) do.

Lvl_up_gamer2138d ago (Edited 2138d ago )

Only if it was free.

I am passing on the PS4. Just not enough great games that I like and since the 720 is going to release with a blu-ray player, I will no longer need my PS3 as my blu-ray player or a PS4 as a blu-ray player either.

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Zodiac2139d ago (Edited 2139d ago )

450 dollars is the max for me. It's the max for any console.

Edit:450 without games. The game prices really add up hen buying a new console.

tachy0n2139d ago

LOL people expecting the PS4 to be powerful and being able to do 4K, and yet they want it to cost less than $500??

NovusTerminus2139d ago (Edited 2139d ago )

I don't know... I have not seen it, but if the tech is strong enough I will pay 500-600.

specialguest2139d ago

I feel the same way. I was ok dropping $600 on the ps3 because it offered the latest highend tech at the time which was the cell processor, and it gave us a future proof blu-ray player all packaged into one machine. With the ps4, it will depend on the tech.

Dasteru2139d ago (Edited 2139d ago )

Agree'd, however i won't be paying that much for just a hardware upgrade.

It will need to have exceptional software and a good feature set also. Full multitasking is a must if they are charging $600+

Hardware equal to a mid range gaming PC
good software
Full multitasking capabilities
A reworked trophy system
Cross game chat
8x or higher Blu-ray drive with support for 100GB disks

Have all that at launch and i'll be willing to pay $700 again.