Why Take-Two should waltz to the altar with a smile

Anders Bylund of Ars Technica writes:

"We've seen this dance before-a big, bad boy with deep pockets goes a-courting a dainty but pretty partner. The target rebuffs this advance, and things turn hostile pretty quick.

This time, I'm talking about Electronic Arts and its $1.9 billion bid for Grand Theft Auto designer Take-Two Interactive. The twain have been negotiating behind closed doors for several months, much like Microsoft and Yahoo before them. But EA went public when Take Two wouldn't accept any of its "generous" offers, again in the footsteps of that online hookup.

There are a few important differences, however, and while I think Yahoo is right to stand apart from Microsoft, Take-Two should just be happy that someone wants to buy it."

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DarkSniper3887d ago

Dark Sniper hopes this does not happen. If EA does end up buying out Take 2 Interactive, then this will be the end of quality sports titles such as NBA 2K and NHL 2K as we all know it. This is a dirty but strategic move by Electronic Arts to eliminate the competition.

Hopefully the 2K Games/Visual Concepts division will depart if the EA/Take 2 merger does happen.


Tempist3887d ago

It's deeper than an issue of money... To some it's a matter of future game quality. EA is not know for creating innovation, but simply owning something else that's innovative.

We are well aware of it's tendency to buy companies, take what they need from them and dissolve the company after.

Just because EA makes the most money, doesn't translate in to the best games, or the most creative ones. They state that 2K hasn't been making much of a profit, but perhaps that's due to them caring about employees and their studios. Not to mention that GTA IV is going to pull in a mass amount of revenue for practically the next 12 months after it's release. More if there's a change and they want to release DLC post-release.

As a final question for people to think about; if EA makes so much money, why don't the lower the price of their new releases.

eagle213887d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

The Drug is EA: Polluting Game Development with either Port-itis or Lack of Creativity.

giososc3887d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

would this have an effect on grand theft auto? i mean, EA wants to buy Take Two. The Grand Theft Auto franchise is still gonna made by rockstar north, owned by the publisher rockstar games, so any game made by them will still retain the rockstar games logo. Its the same deal with Take Two owning rockstar games. When you buy a game by rockstar it doesn't have the Take Two logo on the front, it has the rockstar games logo.