Tearaway “designed from the ground up” for Vita & contains a unique message for every player" OPM

OPM: Very little’s been seen of Media Molecule’s papercraft Vita adventure Tearaway since it debuted at Gamescom 2012 and turned heads with its likeable folds, charming attitude and, of course, that ‘sticking your fingers inside the Vita’ moment. Until now, anyway – we’ve been hands-on with it, and talked to designer Rex Crowle about designing the game around the Vita’s controls, and the “unique message” each player will get at the finale.

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majiebeast2090d ago

I just came. Media molecule just doing what they do best.

MasterCornholio2090d ago

A random message generator?
Sounds interesting but im guessing that the message is generated based on the way you play the game which seems like a really cool idea to me. I can imagine a ton of people posting the message that they got when they beat the game.

Sanquine902089d ago

MM the best. vita becomes something it finally deserves to be ( A must have)

remanutd552089d ago

Oh my, now i only need a release date, hopefully we it sooner rather than later.