PlayStation Store Update, 31 January 2013

It's another huge update as many highly anticipated titles, content and classics make their way to the PlayStation Store from today. The beautiful and epic adventure of Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch, which is available in stores nationwide from today, will be available to download digitally from the PlayStation Store tomorrow along with the Hitman Trilogy HD to bring players back to where the legend of Agent 47 all began. Meanwhile, today sees the release of the very exciting new Crysis 3 Open Beta, available for everyone to download for free, as well as the classics such as the mysterious heroine action title, Bayonetta, from the creative minds that brought you Devil May Cry.

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GraphicX2087d ago

for me to play that i'd need a vita :/

2087d ago
TXIDarkAvenger2087d ago

Crysis 3 open beta eh? Probably check that out later tonight.

GraphicX2087d ago

i haven't looked yet but i'd expect that to be a few gig of download.

TXIDarkAvenger2087d ago

Another big download? I just downloaded MGR a few days ago and it was like 3 gigs lol.

GraphicX2087d ago

i did vanquish the other week, was about 12gb i think, took ages to install after as well.