Kingdom Under Fire 2 - PC Is Main Development Platform, Will Feature Crossplay Between PS3 and PC

DSOGaming writes: "Remember Kingdom Under Fire 2? You know, the action RPG that is said to run great even on dated PC systems? Well, even though this title comes from a South Korean developer and comes on both PS3 and PC, Sony’s home console is not the main development platform. In a shocking turn of events, Kingdom Under Fire 2′s main development platform is the PC, and the PS3 version is being ported from it (with some adjustments to its UI)."

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NYC_Gamer2139d ago

I expect plenty of cross play between PC and PS3/PS4 software

Qrphe2139d ago

"However, it seems that the X360 version got cancelled as Bluside did not comment"

Probably for the same reason Dust 514 on the 360 got cancelled. Microsoft isn't very fond of opening up too much its online service to third parties. That's probably what these developers wanted.

oakshin2139d ago

has 2 be what it is no probably 2 it im thinking the ps4 will be full of mmos the ps3 is being used as a steping stone 2 do so look at this game dust dc universe there working towards guildwars command since tells me

ChrisW2139d ago (Edited 2139d ago )

Interesting... especially since the last 3 KuF games were released exclusively for Xbox and 360.

DOMination-2139d ago

..and I believe this was originally announced as x360 exclusive. I totally forgot this game even existed. It's been in development for years it seems. Hope to see it soon, the first one was great.

Unlimax2139d ago (Edited 2139d ago )

I was looking for this game since the first day they Announce it .. really can't wait to put my hands on it and i hope its B2P or F2P .

baldulf2139d ago

They should wait and release it for the PS4/720.

DudeJets2139d ago

The game looks stunning I'm rather excited, the x-play feature will be great this is the main feature that will keep Sony strong for years and Microsoft really need to let the dog off of the lead now and then, they are holding back developers by being so apple about stuff

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