Zero Punctuation Reviews Uncharted: Drake's Fortune

This week on Zero Punctuation, Yahtzee goes treasure hunting with Uncharted.

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Iamback3890d ago

This one was crap. Whats the deal with "master race"? Does this guy have some complex or what? If i remember there are a few white bad guys in the game(not that it really matters). Bunch of load of BS.

Fishy Fingers3890d ago

Dude, he has to be taken with a pinch of salt, hell a bag of it.

If your pro PS3 and angry, here watch his halo 3 review... http://www.escapistmagazine...

Orange3890d ago

I think all the pirates with grenade launchers and panama hats were white. I did note that they broke the trend of making the "mentor" character some other flavor. Like maybe Morgan Freeman as "Sully." That's all there could've been with a white main character. You can't make his romantic lead black...then you've got that whole plantation owner thing going on.

I like the Josh Whedon dialog. It's got a blue-collar charm to it. Also, I was gonna point out that Indiana Jones didn't sport mutants, but then realized he did reference "Congo"...which really is pretty similar.

Chubear3890d ago (Edited 3890d ago )

... this guys reviews were at first entertaining maybe cause it was a new take on delivering reviews (with this pseudo EMO type rant delivery mode) but I must say this dude seems to show how much of a douche bag he is in real life the more he reviews games.

At this point in time his reviews seem to come off a bit like big baby tantrums mixed with deep teenaged "EMO" qualities, sure that's his niche it seems but still.

The guy seems to have gotten a following now - since it seems a vast majority of the gaming community look to editorial reviewers like gods - but I can't help but feel this guy's just a total toss pot...who happens to review games...with EMO like negativity.

Valin3890d ago

Hmmmm........ Now that you mention it in all of Uncharted I can't remember killing a single caucasian person. But I got his gripe with the textures being indistinguishable from the grab points that pissed me off on the wall climbing sections.

Quality stuff Yahtzee but next time remember Video Game reviewer are to be Heard and not seen, I don't what he was at there kinda ruined the usual fast pace of his reviews.

Captain Tuttle3890d ago

That was the point of that section. Quick time events break up the flow of the gameplay just like he did with his review.

Adamalicious3890d ago

All those SPOILER!!!! zombie things from the end /SPOILER!!!! were pretty light-skinned :)

Violater3890d ago

I love Uncharted.

techie3890d ago

Ha. But dont show yourself again - that killed it.

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The story is too old to be commented.