Lordy, The Last of Us Art Book Is Scary Beautiful

Kotaku: The Last of Us comes out on May 7th and there's still lots of mystery surrounding the post-apocalyptic world of Naughty Dog's upcoming PS3 game. A few glimpses of The Last of Us' ruined world have surfaced but you'll get a chance to get a deep look at the making of the game's ravaged world, along with design work for Joel and Ellie in The Art of The Last of Us.

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2177d ago
Timesplitter142177d ago (Edited 2177d ago )

it always makes me cringe when people are talking about ~~~*the emotion*~~~ in games in such a manner.

I mean yeah games can have an emotional impact as much as any other art form but saying it like this makes people sound like manchildren

ab5olut10n2177d ago

exactly, thank you. the hype for this game has gotten ridiculous. "OH THE EMOTIONS!!1!"

ratcop222176d ago

I agree there. Too much hype and dissapointment awaits. But if this can achieve what Telltale walking dead achived and maybe surpass it. This might be the game of the generation. HOPEFULLY THIS GAME TRUNS OUT AMAZING!

WeAreLegion2177d ago

Such a wonderful art style. :) I am beyond excited.

ayabrea932177d ago

the enemies in this game have got some truly freaky and disturbing imagery... I love it

XXXL2177d ago

Can't wait to play this.

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The story is too old to be commented.