First Sony PS3 Ads Hit NYC.

Once again, not much is learned about the PS3 from the ads other than that we're encouraged to "Play B3yond".

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Play B3yond?

obviously not beyond next gen graphics or online play... i thought the slogan was This Is Living?

zypher4988d ago

"obviously not beyond next gen graphics or online play"? yeah, shouldn't you have plenty of that to play on the 360...right now?

Marty83704988d ago

In europe it is.Play B3yond is for the US.


hmm. i thought europe's was "This Is Delaying"

zypher4988d ago

i just beat Dragon Quest VIII, and re-beat both Res Evil 4 and God of War. but i don't have that many good 360 games to play; thats why i'm on this site reading stuff about the PS3. whats you're excuse thelandofsand?


i dont need an excuse, chunky monkey, i just come here to read news.

zypher4988d ago

three bubbles huh? looks like you do a lot more than "just reading". seems the mods think you come (to PS3 articles specifically) to instigate flamming fanboy wars, no doubt.

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Daytona4988d ago

A release date. Ya see, when it gets 1 month away from a release that's just a given that you'll see that, so I'd say it's b/c there wont be a Nov. release date for any local.

Either it's that or sony just moved it's offices to that building and that's there sign.

Daytona4987d ago

There's one you found but seriously, there are none, where's the TV, where's the AD's all at, magazines, TV, newspaper, etc...It honestly shows thst sony isn't ready doesn't it and by being invisible like this they can post pone the U.S, launch in November if need be. And need very well may be.

DJ4988d ago

I wonder if they'll post one near Times Square.

UNREAL-T4988d ago

i can't wait to get a ps3, i own a 360 and i wanna kill myself because it doesn't have good games. i'm waiting for GOW and halo 3 that's it.

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