The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct Release Date Changed, You Can Now Kill Zombies Earlier

It was announced earlier this month that The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct would be coming to PlayStation 3 on March 26th, but as Activision revealed to us, that has now been changed.

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dbjj120882180d ago

It's just another zombie FPS. I can kill zombies this very instant if I wanted to :P

doctorstrange2180d ago

They're called the elderly and you're not supposed to do that!

TrendyGamers2180d ago

That comment took a dark turn...

Wedge192180d ago

@trendygamers such a wonderfully, wonderfully dark turn. Where will he take us next?

Wedge192180d ago

It's not just any Zombie FPS! This is probably the worst Zombie FPS we've seen in the last ten years! And you get to play as one of the Boondock Saints! We haven't even seen "legitimate" gameplay footage.... There's something 'special' to be said about the secrecy that shrouds this game.

JohnApocalypse2180d ago

What was the last zombie FPS you played?

pr0t0typeknuckles2180d ago

they pushed the date up, im pretty sure its for the show, i was already certain the game would be pretty bad but now smdh.

snowman21492180d ago

The game was normally gonna come out the same day as bioshock infinite..that would have been suicide lol

Kran2180d ago

I've prepurcased it, sad to say.

I'll play this game so you guys don't have to. I fear this game will certainly be bad though but we've all been wrong before...

ftwrthtx2180d ago

I'm still on the fence with this title.

BanBrother2180d ago

This game reeks of so much fail I can smell it through my computer.

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