What is Nintendo hiding?

Following Nintendo's less-than-thrilling announcement of text communications for Mario Kart Wii, the author asks if there might not be a more serious reason that the company has yet to integrate voice comms into any of its online titles.

From the article: "I can't help but wonder if there isn't a more insidious reason that we've yet to see meaningful voice chat from the Wii. What if the Wii CAN'T do it. What if it's such an underpowered system that they can't get it to work reliably? Remember when Sony left rumble out of their controllers, calling it "last-gen." Later we found out that the real reason was that they were getting their pants sued off for patent infringement.

I'm not buying what Nintendo is selling here (both figuratively and literally). I think they grossly underestimated the demand for voice comms when designing their mac-influenced PS2. But what the hell do I know? Why do you think Nintendo keeps screwing the proverbial pooch with their online experience?"

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Silellak3977d ago (Edited 3977d ago )

I'm fairly certain that Nintendo doesn't actually know what this new-fangled "internet" is.

This is a ridiculous joke. Text-based chat in a racing game? It would make more sense to just say "We don't support any sort of player communication, sorry." I mean, for one thing, isn't a USB keyboard against the entire concept of the Wii in the first place? Secondly, why waste the developers' time implementing a chat mechanism that NO ONE will use?

The only I use see for it is in some sort of pre-game lobby area, but even still, who is going to hook up a USB keyboard to their Wii?

Anego Montoya FTMFW3977d ago

their masculinity!

i used to LOVE nintendo, NOW i can`t stand them.

i hope i can love them again one day.

that i`ll probaly never play a REAL "NEXT GEN" Zelda kills me.

Do what you do NINTENDO, just sell ZELDA to SONY. PLEASE.

it will NEVER happen, but i wish it would.

KeiZka3977d ago


Does this mean you'd rather love men than women? Ok.

That aside, Nintendo seems to have an inherent dislike towards voice comms, reasons unknown. Also, how'd they fit it in the system? By USB? Maybe.

I myself still wait that external HDD...

KeiZka3977d ago

Good, just had to check. Careful with the wording there, m8.

forum_crawler3977d ago

would not be against the whole concept of the wii. In fact, I would welcome a USB keyboard for the wii since it would make browsing the Internet much easier. As for Nintendo not knowing what the internet is, well, I would have to disagree there. The browser included in the wii, is pretty good and you get a browsing experience very similar to that of your regular PC browser, FOR FREE!!!

Now, I don't know how you browse using the XBOX or the PS3 since I don't own either one of those consoles, but I think Nintendo's idea of web browsing is pretty good.

KeiZka3976d ago

Wii Browser does have a support fot an USB keyboard, doesn't it? I think at least that it does..?

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GamerSigma3977d ago

I heard they're holding out to see if the "internet" is really here to stay.

PS360WII3977d ago

Well Nintendo has stated that they don't feel online gaming really is all that important so why would they put voice chat on a high priority?

Silellak3977d ago

Not having voice chat is one thing, buy why bother even implementing text-based chat? Do they really think people will use it?

Maddens Raiders3977d ago

"I think Nintendo needs a calendar. Somehow they’re stuck in 1993 or something. How on God’s green earth is anyone playing a RACING game supposed to reach down and type a text message without pretty much throwing the game away..."

I'm looking for reasons to own a Wii. This effectively ends my search; I'll just play brawl at my friend's house. I can't justify owning a system for a handful of games + no voice chat.

JSA-Gamer3977d ago

My oldest is about a year away from a Wii. I will definetly get hiom one of those, but I really doubt that after bedtime it will see much action out of me.

It's a good console for families and kids. For adults with half a clue about gaming.... not so much... IMO.

BrotherNick3977d ago

You guys and your voice about having fun with people? like real ones, not ones you see here.

mr_potato3977d ago

Burned and Burn finnaly someone understands the definition of gaming to have fun.

Mad props to you Nick, I love these fanboys.

BloodySinner3977d ago

"What is Nintendo hiding?" - What's there to hide? They have nothing.

Iamback3977d ago

Sad but true. Whats the deal with nintedo? They earn most money than anyone, and no new IPs from them?! Its same stuff every generation. Wii car, Mario, Zelda, SSBS, for God sake release something new.

Intrepid3977d ago

There are plenty of new IPs. They just don't get any hype because Nintendo advertises the system, not the software.

Disaster: Day of Crisis
No More Heroes
Zack and Wiki
de Blob

... to name a few.

Iamback3977d ago

How many of those are NINTENDO games? Those are 3rd party games.

Intrepid3977d ago

Well, Disaster is from Nintendo and Sadness is a 2nd party game.

forum_crawler3977d ago

That while Nintendo "has nothing", they still sell more consoles than everybody else...

I am sure the other consoles would love to have some of that "nothing" Nintendo has going for themselves.

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