1UP's letter grade conversion explained, analyzed

As part of a planned reorganization, 1UP today switched from its well-known 0-10 review scale to a school-style letter grading scheme. The changeover included a conversion of all existing review scores on the site from numbers to letters, but, as Editorial Director Dan Hsu told N'gai Croal, the site will not be publishing a simple conversion scale to figure out which old number ratings apply to which new letter grades, Hsu says they're keeping the scale close to their chest "because we want our readers to go with our new scoring system and not be constantly translating the new letters back to our old scores."

Where's the fun in that? Joystiq compared some old numerical ratings to the new letter grades and created a handy (if a bit ugly) conversion chart. Read on for way too much analysis of the score conversion and what it means for evaluating 1UP review scores going forward.

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