Sony’s PS Plus Service Leading The Way

Marlon Votta: ''The initial perception of the PlayStation Network and its subscription-based service was not entirely positive, although as time has gone on Sony’s PS plus service seems to be leading the way. An air of scepticism was prominent during its early days but we now appreciate how popular this service has become.''

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danswayuk2179d ago

Loving PS Plus and well worth the money. Even better is the fact it is extra, and not a cost forced on us to play online.

Merrill2179d ago (Edited 2179d ago )

This is the third PS Plus article I have seen today.

Do they literally release articles to counter other articles on N4G? One says it's terrible or useless and the other praising its many game 'journalism' continues to suffer.

BozoLoco2179d ago

"Journalism" is actually a subjective term with no one refined definition. Anyone can be a journalist as long as they're INFORMING. The internet provides the platform.

It's up to readers to determine what is good and what isn't. By N4G's system, you commenting on this, despite the comment's negativity, suggests the article is "sharable", or interesting, which in turn enhances the article's amplification.

In criticising the writer's journalistic abilities, you're essentially enhancing their reach.

It's a vicious cycle.

Denethor_II2179d ago

You seem rather unhappy. Maybe you're an Xbox Live user? The reason there are so many articles, aside from it being a hot topic at the moment, is because the gaming media is finally catching on, far to late IMO, that there are several services that offer free online play as standard, and in PS's case a plus service as well.

Merrill2179d ago

I am unhappy about the amount of articles going back and forth making points as to why it's good/bad. It's annoying and seems to happen off and on every couple weeks.

I myself have enjoyed PS Plus when I have been subscribed.

I haven't used Xbox live since the original Xbox and have no idea of it's use/interface.

TheTwelve2179d ago (Edited 2179d ago )

Yes, there are literally media wars between writers. It also shows that these writers are not unbiased, but influenced (often financially) by these bigger companies. Sad but true.

Not saying that all writers are biased but sometimes we go through patches like this where there is clearly a media war of sorts going on.


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ricky3602179d ago

I own an Xbox 360 and PS3. Recently I joined PS Plus, loving it and looking forward to Sleeping Dogs in Feb.

JoGam2179d ago

Sleeping Dogs in February for Plus?

MikeMyers2179d ago

Plus is a lot better now than when it first started.

BitbyDeath2179d ago

Good to see Sony actually receiving good publicity for a change. A new dawn is upon us, the torch may have been passed to Nintendo.

Seraphemz2179d ago

Its hard to deny that PS+ is an amazing deal!!

JoGam2179d ago

Trust me, the haters will find a reason. Even if its the stupidest reason in the world.

NovusTerminus2179d ago

I joined PS+ last E3 when the announced all the free games. And I am planning on renewing it when the time comes! Love the service.

Good work Sony!

DontShoot-Me-Bro2179d ago

Isit me or are there sooo many more PS+ articles lately, maybe more people have realised its moneys worth.

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