The Curious Case of Ratchet and Clank: Full Frontal Assault on PlayStation Vita

Yesterday, January 29th, marked the last PlayStation Store Update of January 2013, yet Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault Vita did not appear. Sony had previously tweeted that January 29th would be the release date of Full Frontal Assault, but, interestingly, that tweet has since been deleted.

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TrendyGamers2180d ago

Hopefully we hear something soon!

ftwrthtx2180d ago

I want my disc benefits already. LOL

It's an interesting concept to give you the cross buy access on the disc this way. Hopefully, in the future, they'll actually put the Vita version on the disc.

Wedge192180d ago

Things like this need a better lock-on before they just start throwing out dates etc. Ideally, the games should have been ready at the same time.

dbjj120882180d ago

No one cares about Ratchet and Clank anymore. You disagree with me because you're sad, but everyone knows it's true. There's a reason Jak and Daxter haven't been in games this entire generation, because the people making those games aren't inspired by them anymore. You have to be excited about what you're making.

RogueStatus282180d ago (Edited 2180d ago )

He's a wash out, same with Sly. Just Sony's "well we got our own cartoony characters too!"

Qrphe2180d ago

Oh totally they're just ripoff franchises of other series, because there are many TPS and stealth platforming franchises out there.

Oh wait.

r212180d ago

Sly's not a washout. Have you played any of the games?!

pain777pas2180d ago

If you are refering to Nintendo well lets just say that Sony has better overall platformers than Nintendo. I know it is hard to digest but it is just my opinion. Sly is in a league of his own doing his thing and it is a fantastic FUN TO PLAY game with VARIED gameplay. Jak is the pure platformer and Ratchet is weapons based. Those series moved the platformer needle in gameplay and Narrative. The point is that you should not hate Sony just cause there system has more games from 3rd parties to compete with. You really have to understand that nostalgia keeps Nintendo afloat. Quality keeps Sony customers coming back for more.

cubx2180d ago

This coming from someone who just said "Epic troll fail". Expand your vocabulary please.

BlaqMagiq242179d ago


Thanks for that useless advice. And my vocabulary's just fine thank you. If you don't like what my comments are like don't pay attention to it.

cubx2179d ago

You're welcome. Now ya just need to work on that attitude and you're all set. ;-)

Kingthrash3602180d ago

Grand theft auto 3 all over again

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