Can Splinter Cell Blacklist be a Stealth Game AND an Action Game?

Rev3:With all the feedback following the footage shown at E3 to Splinter Cell Blacklist, Adam talked with Lead Game Designer Richard Carillo about the game's play styles. With options that emphasize classic Splinter Cell stealth, Conviction panther-like attack or the new full blown run and gun assault, can the newest entry in the series be both stealth and action? Plus, hear a little bit more about the blacklist, how the game ties in to real world events and more.

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2139d ago
2pacalypsenow2139d ago

Not interested . Splinter cell is dead

jaymart2k2139d ago

If Deus Ex can then why not.

People need to get over the fact that Ironside it gone. Guess what he's too old to do this shit anymore.

He even said it himself.

camel_toad2139d ago (Edited 2139d ago )

I'm actually going through Deus Ex again right now, saw your comment and thought the same thing - and this is coming from someone who loves stealth games.

I'm not saying Splinter Cell WILL pull it off but it can definitely be done.

Tiqila2139d ago

yes, if it has stealth and action levels

MYSTERIO3602139d ago

I not gonna shut this game off completely im still gonna try it. It could surprise me

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