Kanji's Struggle

A look at Persona 4's Kanji Tatsumi and his internal sexual struggle.

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TongkatAli2089d ago

Kanji is bisexual, he wants to be accepted and loved. His dungeon scared the crap out of me.

forevercloud30002089d ago

I don't really think he qualifies as bisexual. Confused? Very much, but at the end of the day he is just a gay man trying to survive in a homophobic world.

It always seemed to me that he never faced the fact of his literal sexuality, rather his comfortability with his questioned masculinity (partly due to his sexuality). When the guys went on the camping trip, Kanji's nose started bleeding. This is a japanese sign of inpure thoughts or over excitement. Some would think it was the girls that triggered this, as Yukiko assumes so and kicks him in the river too. If you pay attention, he is starring at Yu and Yosuke and feels completely oblivious to why Yukiko knocked him in too. Also if you make Yu make sexual advances to him he never resists you, rather acts really bashful(the total opposite to Yosuke's reactions of total fear). Also Kanji's mom hints at his sexuality as well, as she lets Yu know that Kanji is quite smitten with him.