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The Escapist: "Fire Emblem: Awakening is a game worth buying a 3DS for. If you're a fan of RPGs at all don't miss this game."

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Snookies122139d ago (Edited 2139d ago )

So glad I pre-ordered this! Cannot wait to pick it up on the 4th! It will be my first Fire Emblem game... Aside from, you know... Using Marth, Roy, etc. on Smash Bros., but that doesn't count.

chadboban2139d ago

Have you tried out the demo?

Snookies122139d ago

Indeed I have, it was wonderful... Definitely something that looks like it'll last quite a while in terms of gameplay, with an interesting story, and characters that seem quite intriguing. Also, gotta say I love the cutscenes, they're really well done.

chadboban2139d ago

I know right, the cutscenes are beautiful and the English voice acting is better than I thought it would be. Also I love the 3D effect on the chapter 1 map. The embers from the flames would look like they we're coming off the screen, I think one time a black particle passed by and I swiped at my 3DS screen thinking it was a bug. Overall I can't freaking wait for it, and I'll make sure to show my support for it and buy it day one.

chadboban2139d ago (Edited 2139d ago )

Oops... Double post... my bad.