New Details for Killzone Mercenary and release at September

Sony has released new information for Killzone: Mercenary, first-person shooter Killzone series, developed specifically for PlayStation Vita using the wonderful graphics engine Killzone 3.

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NukaCola2089d ago

9 hour long missions with different objective when you replay them. (Maybe sub tasks and helghasst/ISA specific challenges) I wonder if that will make this game more open in design.

One Bank: All single player and Multiplayer money goes to the same account and can be used to unlock MP and SP weapons and gear. This is so awesome

6 MP maps to start and they support 8 players with WARZONE mode? So there will be all the KZ MP features.

Plus this game is running on the KZ3 engine and it shows. This game looks so good. The gun work looks solid, the animations are fluid, the draw distance and action is incredible. This is the shooter handhelds needed. Thank you GG for doing this. This I truly cannot wait for.

LOGICWINS2089d ago

Sick game looks sick! I want a specialized Vita bundle =D

Ezz20132089d ago (Edited 2089d ago )

killzone 3 still to this day look better than any fps on "consoles" (crysis 3 included)

GG games are always technical marvel
so it no surprise that Killzone (vita) can look this good since it made by GG

miyamoto2088d ago

This is what I am talking about Sony getting their premier first party developers to make AAA quality premium exclusive games for Vita like they did on PS3.

This is a great message saying they are serious on supporting the fledgling platform.

Media Molecule is on board with Tearaway.

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UltraVegito2089d ago

My only question for this is how large are the maps and is there online multiplayer?
Guess we'll wait on more details about that.

Riderz13372089d ago

There is online multiplayer.

-Alpha2089d ago (Edited 2089d ago )

4v4 is surprising, thought it'd be 8v8

Personally, I enjoyed playing smaller player matches in Killzone, and tend to enjoy Team Tactical in COD. I have high hopes for this tactical Killzone multiplayer experience, I would love to see how they design maps around 8 players.

a_bro2089d ago (Edited 2089d ago )

hopefully its better than the KZ3 multiplayer, i have high hopes for it. The Vita needs this.

Veneno2088d ago

Woah woah woah. Someone told me 8v8 comfirmed. 4v4? Laaaaaaaame. Not gonna buy anymore.

iamnsuperman2089d ago

Nine hour campaign? Not bad since most console shooters are shorter than that. Definitely keeping an eye out for this

boybato2089d ago

Heard this releases in Sept. Date to far for my liking though I guess that will also mean more time to polish the gameplay.
Hopefully they could do a MP Beta.


Game looks bad as$ btw

Riderz13372089d ago

Was really hoping for 8v8 multiplayer but this article suggests it's only 4v4 (Max 8 players)

boybato2089d ago

Hopefully there's co-op.

tubers2089d ago

4v4 only?! Hope the campaign and controls are worth x4 the extra dough.. (8 bucks Modern Combat 4)

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