What NOT to expect from next gen consoles

We've heard quite a bit of speculation and wish lists for the next consoles from Sony and Microsoft, but what about what we won't be seeing? The next Playstation and Xbox are expected to be announced and released this year- and they aren't going to live up to everyone's expectations. Here are the top 7 things not to expect from new consoles.

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GribbleGrunger2088d ago

Whilst I don't necessarily agree with all the points made here, they are good points none the less and food for thought.

Saigon2087d ago

Agreed, the only issue I had with this article was the first comment regarding 60fps at 1080p. I think next Gen will offer this but it won't be out of the box, maybe a year after the devs get use to the new hardware.

GribbleGrunger2087d ago

Agreed. That was one of the areas I found debatable; although, after giving it some thought, I realised that I couldn't in all honesty be completely certain that there would be 1080p/60fps games available. Let's just say that I'm a good 90% certain (not that 'certainty' can have a percentage attacked to it!) that we WILL see many 1080p/60fps games on next gen systems. 4K is going to be pushed hard by Sony and even though it's likely that this format will be limited to Blu-ray movies, the fact that it exists will give people room to complain if games only ever run at 720p.

iamnsuperman2088d ago

I disagree with the PS4 name front. I just don't think Sony will go away from that. I also do not think Live will go free unless their hand is forced. If (hypothetically) Microsoft sells very little next xboxs then sure it will happen but they make to much money off of it to make it go free. They could add more perks and make it PSN+ rental style but the forced online subscription will still be there.

AngelicIceDiamond2087d ago

If MS truly wanted to sell many, many units early on with next Xbox, very basic silver MP should be an automatic given to that consumer who doesn't want anything else.

To that consumer who doesn't want Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go, Live Sports, Discounts, Free content/games DLC early or whatever the next gen brings.

MS would make those consumers very happy. Leaving the consumer in control, he or she will determine if they want to make that next step if they like the service enough and want to explore more. MS would make money that way through online subscriptions.

At E3 I'm expecting that type of announcement from MS. Its something MS gonna have to do very basic silver MP won't hurt MS but only gain, and gain allot Imo.

rainslacker2087d ago

You make a good point, however why keep those other services hostage as it doesn't actually cost them anything to provide them. All those streaming services provide their own servers and software.

It would make more sense for MS to make those free and go with paid MP as it's probably a better selling point if they are marketing to be the "Center of the Living Room", particularly given the large number of devices released in the past 2 years which can already provide them at a much lower price (BR players, Smart Boxes), or offer better integration (Smart TV).

At this time it's hard for me to say whether or not people will defect from MS because of the paid MP, since obviously this gen shows that many many people are willing to pay for it. There's no reason for them to cut it out if there are customers there. So long as they continue to pay in sufficient numbers, the service will continue to be charged for.

isntchrisl2087d ago

Microsoft has no incentive to add online multiplayer to Xbox Live Silver. Their Gold renewals would nosedive immediately. Quite a few people don't care about all the third party apps Microsoft puts behind the Gold paywall. Many use XBLG primarily for gaming. Drop the fee and they stop paying.

The only thing that will force Microsoft's hand is enough people stop paying all together and jump ship to Sony or Nintendo.

Saigon2087d ago

Maybe Sony is thinking of doing product placement for the next PlayStation. Just in case you not getting what I mean, the US and EU markets the system will be called PS4 but in the Asian markets it will be called something else.

Though they could do this, I don't see nothing wrong with Sony calling the next system PlayStation XXXX. I doubt this will change anything because...guess...the PlayStation name is still applied.

Lucreto2088d ago

I expect backwards compatibility with the PS3. I don't think PS1 or PS2 games will be compatible just the HD generation.

The standard will be 720p at 30fps but more games will be 1080p with 60fps.

rainslacker2087d ago

PS1 games will likely still be compatible. Even now it runs through emulation on the PS3. Given some of the advances in PS2 emulation it's possible it could be there too, although the emotion engine was rather unique in it's design which could cause issues with some games. PS3 is the unknown at the moment, since the Cell's architecture is even more unique than the Emotion Engine, and general purpose CPU's could have issues handling some of the SPE functions. It would make sense though for them to offer full PS3 BC early in it's life, especially considering some of the amazing titles they have coming out. I would still pay more for full PS1/PS2/PS3 BC just because i like having it all in one device.

Hicken2087d ago


You stop having such reasonable, well thought-out responses!

Stop it, I say!

metroid322087d ago (Edited 2087d ago )

All 3 will be around the same graphics, i think with the rumours of a HD6670 on the 720 it looks like all will handle dx11 comparable graphics but with WiiU using the 67** series of chips makes it quite abit more powerful 40% in fact.

1st ps4/WiiU debatable.
2nd WiiU.
3rd 720.

That's the order Nextgen.
Unless the recent rumours that ps4 is using the same gpu as rumoured in the 720 then WiiU hands down has the best graphic potential Nextgen,all the 67** line of gpu's squash all the 66** line.

Belking2087d ago

You must be smoking something. wii-u is powerful and capable of more than ps3 and xbox360 but it won't be able to output what ps4 and xbox720 will be able to do.

Qrphe2087d ago (Edited 2087d ago )

The Wii U WAS rumored to use the e6760 before release but an actual teardown of the system revealed a GPU comparable to the HD 5670 (which was a low-end $100 GPU from 2010).

There is a reason why we haven't seen home console ports or exclusive games at all easily pulling off 1080p resolutions.

2087d ago
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